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Figure: The process of cell aging. This process can be slowed considerably by the QRS ® application.

QRS ® is used to treat pain and many health conditions where pharmacological therapy has been unsuccessful. It supports both cell-vitalization and cell metabolism by targeting ion transport. The entire metabolism is activated, the immune system stabilized and enhanced, and cell regeneration promoted, resulting in a strengthening of weakened body functions naturally.

International QRS ® research has produced over 200 scientific papers helping to establish user protocols. No harmful side effects have been noted to this day (since 1990, about 200,000 units using QRS ® technology have been produced).

Quantum Medicine is thus scientifically proven. It is based on the controlled use of Quantum-Resonant fields. Specifically, the Quantum Resonance System QRS ® realizes a positive outcoume by targeting the organism with the respective electromagnetic application fields.

The medically accepted therapeutic effects of this are manifold. It reaches every part of the organism, even the smallest blood vessels are activated. In the body the bones are strengthened, the exchange of cellular nutritional and waste products is intensified, the reorganization of proteins is accelerated, and the bodies weak electromagnetic fields are strengthened and stabilized. Overall, the regeneration of cellular components is stimulated and the effectiveness of the immune system is increased.

This is achieved by activation of cell metabolism. This alone brings about the transport of ions and QRS ® in particular of protons into and out of the cell. The patented process provides the cell with a a better supply of oxygen and nutrients. It frees the cell from slags and toxins.

QRS ® provides a significant increase of the oxygen in tissue and causes the transport of substances through solidified or weakened tissue structures. It supports the natural healing forces of the organism and helps to combat the causes of a disease without any side effects.


What is Quantum Therapy?

Figure: above; in order to achieve ths same level of cellular renewal as an 8 min QRS ® application, alternatively, you'd have about 3 hours walking or about 1.5 hours of active sport.

The application of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) takes into account numerous strongly positive results in many areas of medical therapy. The information about this field is not uniform. Many of the favorable findings are rather random and not known or poorly published. This also applies to some of the scientific results that are either not (yet) published or not in one place and / or in a conclusive enough form where the potential user (doctor, patient) can make a reasonable decision. This is a special challenge to Prof. Dr. Fischer AG. We consider education on the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic fields our top priority and we readily accept this challenge.

Developed specifically for QRS ® therapy, the Quantum Resonance System, initially using a special medical device based on a special magnetic therapy signal, demonstrates a steadily larger range of therapeutic effects for more diagnostic fields at the same time with very few side effects. Here, the research and development has proceeded very asymmetrically. While in the development phase (including patenting) and now in the experimental research phase, their resources reveal many very important results. The area of clinical-statistical research is still under represented. But that is the prerequisite for establishing a procedure for the general public.

There is therefore an urgent need for greater penetration of the scientific basis and application possibilities. To do this, important findings of modern medicine are used. Thus, for example, the pioneering discovery of the "vascular nitric oxide (NO) system" by the pharmacologists Furchgott in th late 80s. He was awarded in 1998 together with other scientists the Nobel prize for medicine, therapy concepts of traditional medicine will in the coming years radically change.

In terms of a "quantum" as a known small amount of energy of electromagnetic radiation, it is the discovery of the German and Russian physicists and biologists Dertinger and Kruglikov that cells use noise as an energy source for information-driven processes and thereby create selected frequency based windows, is of fundamental importance for the whole of medicine. Minimum fields can cause a maximum therapeutic effect by exploiting the so-called resonance. In the center of the communication between the cells are characteristic frequencies contained in the noise signal. Thus, it is a logical consequence to speak of a quantum QRS ® therapy and overall to speak of quantum medicine. As well as the results of clinical evaluation with QRS ® showed, the strength of a certain reaction increased with increasing intensity but is not always proportional to the intensity of the applied field strength, but in different cases even decreased. This was also observed in the determination of dose-effect relationships for drugs. The traditional school of thought "more is better" may no longer apply. One must think through the meaning of the new quantum therapy.

The interpretation of the QRS ® therapy results is greatly facilitated by these discoveries. Moreover, the evolution of QRS ®-magnetic therapy is influenced by it and leaves with even better results and more application fields expected in the future. A prerequisite for this was that with the quantum-resonance system QRS ® no artificial, no particular sinusoidal waves are generated. Rather, analogous to what was shown for wave propagation in the ionosphere and in the Earth's magnetic field fluctuations, one dose produces in certain frequency-changing rhythms ("pulsing") and a weak magnetic field. This also activates the NO system in the organism and has significant effects on cardiovascular function, metabolism and immune defenses.

On the other hand, it is necessary to identify hazards associated with magnetic fields, when in terms of frequency and intensity they do not match the natural electromagnetic signals of our environment. One of the pioneers of modern quantum therapy, RO Becker speaks of the Americans, therefore, especially when 50/60-Hz-Electrosmog, but also at other frequencies, a manipulation of the electromagnetic environment. According to experiments by Becker such fields could set in motion irreversible changes that - even before we can adapt ourselves to them - lead to the extinction of life. Even with such fields is still treated medically. Inadequate knowledge of developers and users contributes to this critically.

The Prof. Dr. Fischer AG today has many fundamental insights and experimental studies. The application, show double-blind pilot studies and hopeful, sometimes even fascinating results and give an impression of the potential therapeutic and diagnostic width of the QRS ® therapy.


QRS Effect in the Blood Vessel - No Harmful Side Effects


The QRS-magnetic frequencies move Ions. Due to this shift the ion concentration changes according to particular protons and the pH value of the vessel wall (acid / base status).


The pH change at the vessel wall causes Ca + + (Calcium) to be released from proteins and lipids. Thus already formed atherosclerotic deposits are released.


Further pressure by the magnetic field and the depolarization of the vascular wall, the ions can then be transported through the vessel walls and cell membranes.


By lowering the pH-sensitive receptors. Now, these receptors can take over their tasks again, high blood pressure and low blood pressure normalize and many other parameters are regulated.

The Quantum Resonance System QRS ® administered controlled, the organism adapted to electromagnetic fields (resonance) in the body, and thus:


*full of depth, since at any point of the organism fields and currents are set up, even in the smallest blood vessels, where they previously could only bring about the necessary regulation of pharmaceuticals.

*strengthening the body's weak areas that have become to strengthen and stabilize the bone, the exchange of cellular nutritional and waste materials, rebuilding of the proteins for the regeneration of the cell components and the increased effectiveness of the immune system.

*harmonization of uncoupled pacemakers (oscillators) for the balance of tension and relaxation in the autonomic nervous system, for gentle expansion cramped blood vessels, for the introduction of rest and sleep rhythms in the morning and automatically initiate the power phase.

*Most drugs, the spontaneous symptoms of disease did not overlap, often manageable side effects. The Quantron Resonance System QRS ® supports the natural healing forces of an organism and helps to combat the causes of a disease without any side effects. Of course, a treatment leads to the QRS Quantron Resonance System ® to faster and greater success if they through proper nutrition and the support necessary for the human movement.


Detection of Ion Transport (Patented)

QRS ® is officially approved as medical devices and patented internationally. The research project is certified in Europe. QRS ® has been awarded the world's largest Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva with gold.
Figure: Defined magnetic fields stimulate the action potential in the nerve fiber.

Presynaptic Nervenenduntion is depolarized. Free implementation of carrier substances (transmitters) is triggered.

Is diffusing through the synaptic gap. About Carrier materials dock on the receptors in the membrane of the postsynaptic cell and cause the opening of membrane channels.

Ions can now pass . flow Postsynaptic poten- tialänderung is brought about.

Electrophoretic ion mobility

Electrically charged particles (cells, ions) in an electric field to move, according to the polarity. The above ions, and erythrocytes showed electrophoretic following motion:

  Erythrocytes Na+ Ca++ K+
Agility B 1,27 5,2 6,2 7,6

(Measured with Dr. Derlat Zytopherometer of the Max Planck Institute)

It is evident that the mobility of charged particles in an electric field is proportional to the charge and with the size of the particle is inversely proportional.

Ion transport in the blood with QRS

change in%

Na+ Ca++ K+
5,8 9,8 24,6

(Measured by Prof. Dr. Ing A. Varga Univ. Heidelberg, double-blind study in 2000 with QRS ®)

EP 0594 655 B 1

Device for
Transport of ions,
protons in particular.

PCT-WO 93/00960

EP 0621 795 B1

Mechanism for influencing
of electrical and
magnetic fields
lower frequency.

PCT-WO 94/11062

EP 0729 318 B 1

Device for
Determining the effects of
pulsed magnetic fields
to an organism.

PCT-WO 95/10228

EP 0594 655 B 1

Vorrichtung zum
Transport von Ionen,
insbesondere Protonen.

PCT-WO 93/00960

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Einrichtung zur Beeinflussung
von elektrischen und
magnetischen Feldern
niedriger Frequenz.

PCT-WO 94/11062

EP 0729 318 B 1

Einrichtung zur
Ermittlung der Wirkung
gepulster Magnetfelder
auf einen Organismus.

PCT-WO 95/10228


The Natural Frequencies of the QRS-System

Overview of the QRS ®-Frequency Range and limits

QRS in all program levels include the following frequencies:

  • 250, 500, 750, 1000 Hz, and red blood cells responsible for Ioneneinstrom isolation.

Furthermore, uses the following frequencies:

  • Basic Program: about 3 Hz and 22 Hz
    Vitality Program: 9 Hz (from signal-related reasons) and 22 Hz
    Relaxation program: 0.3 Hz and 1.5 Hz plus a small amount of 10 Hz
    Parasympathetic activation: 0.3 Hz
    Delta area of the EEG: 1.5 Hz
    Theta range of EEG: 3 Hz
    The EEG alpha range: 10 Hz ("fair-weather frequencies")
    Beta range of EEG: 22 Hz

Applications of the basic programs, Vitality and Relaxation:

  • Basis:
    QRS ® High-Level: pain, low blood pressure, bradycardia, arthritis, fractures, asthma, and migraine.
    Low QRS ®-Level: hypertension, tachycardia, coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular, thrombosis, stroke, (Note: in these diseases proven to reduce the therapy time on initial 1-2 minutes, while under minimal QRS-level), sleep .
    Such a therapy program is based primarily on that high is considered an increase in the QRS-level increases of Sympathiko tone and this has a significant impact on the cardiovascular.
  • Vital:(activating nitric oxide)
    Weather, peripheral vascular, endothelial dysfunction, coronary artery disease, thrombosis, erectile dysfunction, hypertension, tension headaches, psoriasis.
    Recommended levels: sensitive, 1 to 4
  • Relax:
    Deep relaxation, immune stimulation, reduction of sleep, stress reduction, low levels (1-3), occurring in migraine attacks: high levels of map (5-8).

EEG Signal

QRS Electrosmog Cancelling Frequency - QRS Eliminates Electrosmog electromagnetic vibration

Figure: The electro-parasitic oscillation is abolished by the QRS ®-electro-vibration, vibration of the so-called Kill.

Frequency range of the QRS ® family - characteristic frequencies of therapy to electric and magnetic fields

Limits for magnetic fields plusierende

Figure: The QRS -frequencies (in yellow) are well below the limits (ICNIRP limits to the World Health Organization, Guideline 1998).


The 4-Step Therapy - Internationally Patented

Step 1



Wherever electrical lines are present in air, soil and buildings, electromagnetic pollution occurs. This disease can cause so-called energy, which in turn can result from chronic diseases.
Notable: While going back for over 100 years, infectious diseases, more and more, the rise of chronic diseases (also because of energy deficits) is rapidly increasing. The healing frequencies of natural magnetic fields can not be asserted against the electromagnetic fields, the self healing process of the body is blocked.

This is where the quantum-treatment system by re-supplying the body's vital energy. But even those artificially produced, magnetic healing effect only if the space above a zero-field was produced. This means that the existing electromagnetic must be eliminated. For if the therapeutic is mixed with the electromagnetic frequencies, they seem anything but healing. QRS ® has taken this on as the sole manufacturer and worldwide patented the "electro-killer" in conjunction with the quantum treatment.

Step 2

Ion transport


All magnetic therapy manufacturers generally say that they would regenerate the cells caused by their products to cure diseases and energize the cells, namely by activating cell metabolism. Cell metabolism but always limited ion transport.

So be careful with such statements: Only QRS ® Worldwide ion transport has been patented in the cell body after many years of research. If someone else claimed that being able to also, this statement is either wrong or the product violates the internationally valid QRS ® patent.

Only the QRS ® system can be said with complete justification of himself, the transport of hydrogen, to accomplish calcium, sodium, potassium, chlorine and magnesium ions. Thus it allows for better cell supply and freed the same cell of waste products and toxins.

QRS ® provides a significant increase of oxygen in the tissues with the oxygen diffusion rate is increased by 80 to 900% and there are energy molecules (ATP) was formed. This allows the QRS ® system to transport the materials through solidified or slackened tissue structures.

Step 3

Resonance phenom


To promote the cell metabolism as well as toxins, free radicals and remove waste products from the cells, the voltage of the cell membrane can be maintained at a high level. To establish in parallel to slow the aging of cells, the energy portion of the cell are built. Only in this way leads to the formation of energy molecules (ATP). But this only works on the cell-specific amplitude window.

This window enables discovery of QRS ® in the somatic cell ion transport and thus the so-called resonance phenomenon. Only then can ever be produced in a resonant ions, cell membranes and blood vessel walls. And only when this resonance occurs, ions can be transported and affect cell metabolism. This causes - such as under QRS ® - a reinforcement of the immune system and regeneration of the body through the formation of protein (for nerve cell memory proteins), construction or composition of the bio-electric potential of cell energy, strengthen the metabolism and activation of hormone production. Are these phenomena, the sole prerequisite for the construction of energy in the cell, the patent was granted.

Step 4



No man is like another and also the biological and electro-biological relationships change in us every day, every hour and every minute due to external influences. To support this biological feedback loop to enhance and optimize therapy should be a professional quantum system initially grasp the actual condition of each user, in order then to send the best on this body tuned quantum signal. Science fiction?

QRS ® is the first to track down the immediate effect in the human body and to register.

For the doctor already available, future QRS ® Device
generations even for private users an automatic self-adjustment feature allows application thereby ensuring optimal success for each individual. Also, this QRS ® patent protected worldwide.


To summarize: In order to promote cell metabolism, as well as toxins, free radicals and remove waste products from the cells, the voltage of the cell membrane must be maintained at a high level. To establish in parallel to slow the aging of cells, the energy portion of the cell are built. Only in this way leads to the formation of energy molecules (ATP). But this only works on the cell-specific amplitude window. This window enables discovery of QRS ® in the cell body Inonentransport and thus the so-called resonance phenomenon. Only then can ever be produced in a resonant ions, cell membranes and blood vessel walls. This allows the QRS ® system to transport the materials through solidified or slackened tissue structures.

No other competitor is able to the efforts of Prof. Dr. Fischer AG in the past more than 20 years to benefit the health of people has made track record in. With QRS ® has been in the field of magnetic therapy performed a qualitative leap, by which this therapy was provided only on a scientific basis. The QRS ® process is internationally patented (Patent No. EP 0 594 655).


The Effect of Different Magnetic Fields On Ion Transport

Figure: In this animation you will see three different structures magnetic fields. Click on "Next Technology" for the distinction between different magnetic fields to get shows on the ion transport.

Animation 1: Permanent Magnet
A permanent magnet is not able to transport ions, but even blocked the transport.

Animation 2: Magnetic Fields with Sine-Wave Amplitudes
Sinis amplitudes are not transported to also be able ions. However, these frequencies in the field of bone healing may be helpful, because the application is created by a polarization of the bone at the fracture site. This polarization is realized with the QRS ® application as well.

Animation 3: e-function with Magnetic Amplitudes (the original QRS ®-magnetic)
With the discovery of the occurrence of a so-called direct-current system in humans and all vertebrate animals, and thus a DC component (frequency = 0 Hz) by the Americans RO Becker in the 80s, a new stage in the application of physical therapy has been achieved. Obviously, such a component must be analogous to the magnetic field and electrical nature always included in a therapy signal in addition to the known frequencies.

QRS ®-magnetic-pulse sequence with QRS ®-based program
a) QRS ® single pulse
b) QRS ®-pulse train including AC (alternating current) - and DC (direct current) component of the QRS ®-based program
(Source: Krauss, M.: The natural electromagnetic signals in our environment and its simulation as QRS ®-magnetic therapy.)

An increase of the DC component is set automatically when a higher-level QRS ® is elected. Then decreases but the relative influence of the exponential function, because the jump height at t = 0 simultaneously with increases (in the formulation of QRS ® Patent "rectangular current").


European Medical Study with QRS®

Disease-related analysis of 24 clinical pictures depending on the treatment time
Europe Study Part 1 (1998)


* 133 patients, 448 report illness, 21 sick pictures


Successful Medical Cases

We can show you at this point just a sample of QRS ®-successes. Numerous scientific studies demonstrate the efficacy of high-QRS ® therapy. We refer to images this point to the "Literature & Publications" -> "studies". For more information on QRS ® system can also be obtained on these pages.

Mode of action on the organism by QRS ® on vital blood of a 55-year-old female patient with thyroid carcinoma-clear rouleaux formation (J. Mittelbach, practice for naturopathy, Chemnitz - QRS ®-intensity level 2):

Mode of action on the organism by QRS ® in a 43-year-old patient with low blood pressure (EUROSPACE Technical Developments Ltd. - QRS ®-intensity level 5):

Image: After 4 minutes, QRS ® is a detectable change in blood pressure (middle recording) on systolic blood pressure of 100 to 118, diastolic blood pressure of 58 72nd The result (image on the right): increases in peripheral blood volume, increasing the oxygen supply, improved energy transport.

Measurement of free radicals in the capillary blood before and after an 8-minute Quantum Resonance System application in the clinic, "La Torre" in Turin - change in QRS ®, Vital Step 2:

Examples in words and pictures:

Diagnosis: arthritis
1976 first very violent thrust, 1992 another attack. Anti-inflammatory and painkilling medication, Aurotherapie. No significant improvement. QRS therapy: Agility After 1 month reduction in pain in finger joints and larger. After 3 months, the drugs are gradually withdrawn until the Aurotherapie, which is reduced to 5 tablets of 14 tablets a week and the cortisone.

Application example presented by Dr. W. Haas Diagnosis: Calcifying tendinitis in his left shoulder
The patient needs the strongest painkillers at night to sleep for a short time. Local injections of cortisone and painkillers bring little relief. Total restriction of movement. Surgery is recommended after 4 months of treatment. QRS therapy: After 8 days of complete freedom from pain at rest, pain medications should be discontinued. After 14 days of pain-free movement of the left arm to about 75%. After another 2 weeks, complete freedom of movement.

Diagnosis: Atopic Dermatitis
Since 1995, chronic, recurrent skin disorder that affects the entire body. Massive itching. Treatment: Intermittent internal steroids and consistent application of cortisone ointments. After 6 months the symptoms were less under control. QRS therapy: the patient does not need more drugs, the skin is free from eczema, and even from individual spots. For this, the patient experienced for years the first winter without the flu.





Diagnosis: leg ulcers on both sides, Parkinson's, diabetes mellitus, hypertension
Despite cessation of therapy, healing tendency of leg ulcers. Overall condition of the patients significantly reduced. Forced pain therapy needs to be performed. QRS ® therapy: Daily 2 x 8 minutes, after 3 months shows a very good healing tendency, the pain can be deposed. Improve the general condition of the patient, lower-cost care.

Diagnosis: Sacral decubitus ulcer, persistent vegetative state, infections of the respiratory tract
Because of recurrent infections of the respiratory tract by the underlying disease (complete immobility) and thus poor circulation situation forms a sacral decubitus ulcer that shows under a variety of therapeutic approaches do not improve trend. In view of symptomatic epilepsy, the QRS ® therapy was started, with particular attention. QRS ® therapy after 20 days, hardly respectively. Infections, improvement of sacral decubitus. After 4 months, this is almost healed (very small superficial skin defects).

Diagnosis: Delay of wound healing after surgery of the 10th Thoracic vertebra
03/19/1995: After a skiing accident, fall on your back with ten hours of surgery (fracture of 10th thoracic vertebra, inserting screws). 03/22/1995: second surgery (hip bone-grafting) January 1996: removal of screws. Formation of fire water in the wound, it had to have surgery again. Since the fire water again stopped, stood before the next operation. QRS ®-treatment: After three days of QRS ® application complete disappearance of the fire water, after a week of significant reduction in back pain, also after 4 weeks QRS ® application, better digestion, better sleep and greater vitality.


User Satisfaction Survey

The Prof. Dr. Fischer AG receives a lot of positive feedback from physicians, patients and users. A user satisfaction survey of 100 users in July 1999, conducted by Dr. Winfried Bauer (Frankfurt am Main), yielded the following results (age structure of respondents: 6% 20 to 30 years, 9% 30 to 40 years, 30% 40-50 years, 55% older than 50 years):

Fig: 87% of users surveyed are very to extremely satisfied.

Fig: 94% of users surveyed have felt after QRS ® therapy better or much better.

Fig: 53% of users surveyed recommend QRS ® even further.



The Quantum Resonance System, briefly called QRS ® is the result of more than 20 years of basic research by leading international scientists. This system has been in the field of magnetic therapy performed a qualitative leap, by which this therapy was placed on a scientific basis, which she has taken to her rightful place in medicine. The QRS ® process is internationally patented (Patent No. EP 0 594 655).

The author of the scholarly book "body electricity", said Becker RO ® on QRS "QRS is a blessing to mankind - from infants to the elderly."

The QRS ® therapy can be used with good success Sass layers in many diseases. To set the field strength or intensity of the magnetic field is: Not a high intensity is crucial for success, often a low setting helps better. Everyone needs a very individual, personal setting that suits his daily routine. A person who wants quiet, harmonious, and survived without major stress and achieve a revitalization tolerates higher levels of 5 to 10 Quite differently with stress, work pressure or physical stress. Here, if the ion transport in the body and thus cellular metabolic functions and cell revitalization should be optimized, the levels of 2 to 6 generally better tolerated. The optimum QRS ® settings can be performed only after careful diagnosis of QRS ®-qualified doctor.

The application period is usually twice daily eight minutes. An application has in common a long-term effect of up to eight hours. Since the treatment is very gentle, an improvement of metabolism and general regeneration of cells, depending on physical condition after a few days or take several weeks to notice. In order to achieve a holistic health of the organism, it is recommended that continuous use of quantum-resonance system. Habituation effects or dependency by the device are not known.

Of professionals occasionally comes the question of whether the magnetic fields are strong enough at all. Non-experts worry most about the opposite. The first statement: that the frequency or the magnetic field strength of about 20-30 micro-Tesla are sufficiently strong to prove various results and scientific computations and experiments in the scientific literature and in the book by Dr. G. Fischer, "Foundations of Quantum Therapy "are described. It is important that the field strength alone produces the effect but the change of the magnetic field and thus also by the specific frequency patterns generated resonances and electromotive forces on the blood vessels on the ions in the cell membranes in the calcium and potassium channels, etc. . Only through the creation of these resonances and electromotive forces, which were calculated precisely and accurately, can transport ions and ion displacement are generated. This is the content of the first QRS ® patent (transport of ions). For the second statement: Too high field strengths occur when using the QRS ® therapy does not occur because a maximum of 30 micro Tesla.



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