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QRS ® is officially approved as medical devices and patented internationally. The research project is certified in Europe. QRS ® has been awarded the world's largest Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva with gold.

EP 0594 655 B 1

Device for
Transport of ions,
protons in particular.

PCT-WO 93/00960

EP 0621 795 B1

Mechanism for influencing
of electrical and
magnetic fields
lower frequency.

PCT-WO 94/11062

EP 0729 318 B 1

Device for
Determining the effects
pulsed magnetic fields
to an organism.

PCT-WO 95/10228



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Ion Transport


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Resonance Phenom


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Wherever electrical lines are present in air, soil and buildings, electromagnetic pollution occurs. This disease can cause so-called energy, which in turn can result from chronic diseases.
Notable: While going back for over 100 years, infectious diseases, more and more, the rise of chronic diseases (also because of energy deficits) is rapidly increasing. The healing frequencies of natural magnetic fields can not be asserted against the electromagnetic fields, the self healing process of the body is blocked.

This is where the quantum-treatment system by re-supplying the body's vital energy. But even those artificially produced, magnetic healing effect only if the space above a zero-field was produced. This means that the existing electromagnetic must be eliminated. For if the therapeutic is mixed with the electromagnetic frequencies, they seem anything but healing. QRS ® has taken this on as the sole manufacturer and worldwide patented the "electro-killer" in conjunction with the quantum treatment.

All magnetic therapy manufacturers generally say that they would regenerate the cells caused by their products to cure diseases and energize the cells, namely by activating cell metabolism. Cell metabolism but always limited ion transport. So be careful with such statements: Only QRS ® Worldwide ion transport has been patented in the cell body after many years of research. If someone else claimed that being able to also, this statement is either wrong or the product violates the internationally valid QRS ® patent.

Figure: magnetic fields with amplitudes e-function, the original quantum resonance field QRS ®

Only the QRS ® system can be said with complete justification of himself, the transport of hydrogen, to accomplish calcium, sodium, potassium, chlorine and magnesium ions. Thus it allows for better cell supply and freed the same cell of waste products and toxins. QRS ® provides a significant increase of oxygen in the tissues with the oxygen diffusion rate is increased by 80 to 900% and there are energy molecules (ATP) was formed. This allows the QRS ® system to transport the materials through solidified or slackened tissue structures.

To promote the cell metabolism, as well as toxins, free radicals and remove waste products from the cells, the voltage of the cell membrane must be maintained at a high level. To establish in parallel to slow the aging of cells, the energy portion of the cell are built. Only in this way leads to the formation of energy molecules (ATP). But this only works on the cell-specific amplitude window. This window enables discovery of QRS ® in the cell body Inonentransport and thus the so-called resonance phenomenon. Only then can ever be produced in a resonant ions, cell membranes and blood vessel walls.

And only when this resonance occurs, ions can be transported and affect cell metabolism. But if that, as with QRS ® really works, causes the strengthening of the immune system and regeneration of the body through the formation of protein (for nerve cell memory proteins), structure or composition of the bio-electric potential of cell energy, strengthen the metabolism and activation of hormone production.

Are these phenomena, the sole prerequisite for the construction of energy in the cell, the patent was granted. No man is like the others, and also the biological and electro-biological relationships change in us every day, every hour and every minute due to external influences. To support this biological feedback loop to enhance and optimize therapy should be a professional quantum system initially grasp the actual state of the user process and to then send to the optimally tuned on that body quantum signal.

Science fiction? QRS ® is the first to track down the immediate effect in the human body and to register. For the doctor already available today, future generations of QRS ® devices for private use will provide an automatic self-adjustment function, thus ensuring optimum success for each individual application. Also, this QRS ® patent protected worldwide.


EP 594 655 B1, Device for the Transport of Ions, Especially Protons


EP 729 318 B1, Means for Determining the Effect of Pulsed Magnetic Fields to an Organism



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