QRS Testimonials - Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals - The Power of QRS

Note that all statements regarding health testimonials are reflections of personal experiences and are not meant to imply that you will receive similar results.

Statements in these testimonials do not constitute medical claims.

“QRS is a blessing for mankind - from the infant to the geriatric. QRS will lead to a change of paradigm in medicine.”
Dr. Linus Pauling
two time Nobel Prize winner,
four time Nobel Prize nominee.

“Although, in the U.S. a number of devices do exist working with electro-magnetic fields, none of them has such a profound scientific background as the QRS system.”
Dr. R. O. Becker,
twice nominated for the Nobel Prize
Author of The Body Electric

Migraines, Headaches, Low Back Pain
“I am seeing immediate results in treating migraines, muscle contraction headaches, hip pain, and low back pain I do muscle tests to see which settings patients need. Also, mental clarity is improved.”
R. B . (MD; Lancaster, OH)

“I have been using the QRS for over two years, and have recommended it to many patients. My own personal results are very positive. Arthritis that had been developing in my hip for two years melted away… in three months it was 95% gone, and in six months it was totally gone and almost forgotten. In addition, I find it helps me stay relaxed and more full of energy. Many of
my patients have had equally good results, achieving relief of back pain, arthritis stress, depression, bladder control, and low energy. One patient feels it has also been helpful as part of his cancer treatment program. Of course, nothing works for everyone, but the great majority of people are more than happy with the results achieved with the QRS.”
William Eidelman, MD, Santa Monica, CA

“So far most of my patients treated with the QRS have diseases of the locomotive system like osteoarthritis, degenerative spine damage with sometimes severe herniation of the intervertebral disc, periarthropathy with and without radiological proven calcifications, rheumatoid arthritis, polymyalgia rheumatica, fibromyalgia syndrome, epicondylitis, new and old sport injuries, neuropathy, migraines, cervical pain syndrome, hypertension, arterial occlusive diseases, diabetic gangrene, coronary heart disease, chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, depression, neurodermatitis, rosacea and psoriasis. Due to the observed excellent therapy results with the QRS, the rather fast and side-effect free responses, the high efficiency and last but not least, the great possibilities of reduction of medication, I recommend to every doctor to look into this real breakthrough in the area of Quantum Medicine. The QRS has already developed into an important scientific discipline which could greatly enrich the medicine of the 21st century.”
Dr. Haas, MD

“Woman, 29 years old. Condition according to Dr Pfeiffer: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Constant infections. After 4 weeks on the QRS the fatigue is gone and the patient admits she has not felt so good in years.”
Hannelore Bilz, MD

“Both legs of a 28-year-old woman were greatly ulcerated (necrosis). Traditional medicine was baffled because she was not diabetic. Over the years, traditional medicine was unable to cure her legs. After a six-week QRS treatment combined with radiation of her wounds with red light lasers, the wound closed after five days and the other symptoms subsided after
six weeks.”
Dr. Kropshofer, D.C.

“I have used the QRS in our clinic for one year and the results have been nothing but fantastic. I find the deep relaxation it produces most important in the healing process. I have had many times when I have used it and it has totally shifted my energy from tired, tense or upset to calm, relaxed and energized. The QRS is a must have for anyone dealing with a chronic acute illness. It helps create the conditions for health and healing to happen naturally in the body/mind.”
Har Hari S. Khalsa, D.C.

“I have used the QRS in my acupuncture clinic now for almost 2 years. Because of the deep relaxation and shift in energy it produces, I use the QRS before my treatments. As a result, patients can receive deeper and quicker healing. Most noticeable, I can see the positive results in pain conditions. As far as I’m concerned, the QRS helps my energy immensely to work in my practice and my life in general.”
AF, MS, Dipl. AC, Felton, CA

Candida and Hepitits C
“We have used the QRS in our clinic for just over a year now and are very excited about the results. One client, with diabetes, has suffered over the years with candida and other fungal problems. This caused not only skin eruptions but also digestive problems. After just a few treatments, her digestive problems were so improved that she lost 7 pounds virtually overnight that was due to bloating and water retention. Another client suffering from Hepititis C has seen his viral load, monitored with regular bloodwork, go down markedly. Since he is also battling testicular cancer, this has played a significant role in his return to health. We are very grateful for this wonderful tool.”
E.A.G. (Longmont, CO)

“I have the new QRS-101 at home for a while to try it out. In the mornings I often feel a bit tired, with cold hands (we have horrible weather, with storms . . .). So I thought of the Vital Program, for weather changes, and I took 8 minutes on setting 3. It is quite incredible, but within 3 minutes I felt blood circulation in my fingers.

Then, I had no fatigue for the next 3-4 hours! To explain why, I as a doctor sometimes feel sometimes tired: my time spent in the car to and from work is 1 hour, 30 minutes. Then 7 to 8 hours working in the steel and concrete building, situated very near to power lines, surrounded by motorways, air, climate. At home, work goes on with 2 children, 14 and 16 years old, waiting for support and meals . . . and of course a good-humored mom!”
M. B. (MD, Family Practice)

Diabetes, Stroke, Amputation
“The patient has been a diabetic/stroke/amputee victim for 6 and a half years, scheduled for a second amputation to have his toes removed. Six months before the second amputation he suffered from pain, diarrhea, chronic urinary tract infections and the degradation of vital functions began to set in. He ended up with his second leg being amputated from the knee down, leaving
him as a double amputee.

He began using the QRS with great dedication in a nursing home, 1 week after the second amputation. His overall health and immune system, as well as his diabetes, stabilized. Within a month he returned home pain free. He was able to be mobile with a wheelchair and walking stick, get off medication, and not be a burden at home. He remains pain and infection free with ongoing use of the QRS. His daughter says ‘it has enabled positive readjustment in our lives and we are grateful.”
D. A. (Chicago, IL)

“As an acupuncturist I see most of my clients primarily for pain of the knee and shoulder, 2 x a week for 3 to 4 weeks. With acupuncture I have gotten great results, but not like what I am getting with the QRS. When I have my patients take a 16-minute treatment with the QRS as an adjunct supporting my acupuncture work, I see quicker pain relief and secondary results in increased sleep quality. By the second week of treatment there are dramatic sleep improvements for every one of my clients! In Chinese Medicine, pulsed electromagnetic fields have been used for years. I am glad to finally see research starting in this field in the United States. I am glad to achieve these excellent results combining the QRS with the modalities I practice.”
K. S. (MS, PhD, LAc; Seattle, WA)
Medical Center

“I write to lend my strong support to the proposal that the QRS mat therapeutic device be eligible for Private Health Fund rebates. I have been using and recommending these units at an ever-increasing frequency for two years now and recently purchased some units for short-term rentals to patients. My overall impression has been that the QRS is an extremely valuable adjunctive therapy in a wide range of medical conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, acute to chronic pain conditions, psycho-behavioral conditions, sleep disorders and arthritic/rheumatological conditions. I have seen consistently strong positive response rates in both symptomatology and objective clinical parameters.”
Dr. E. Varipatis, OmniCare Medical Centre. 1/9/00

No Negative Side Effects
“I have been using Quantron Resonance System since June 1994 for all age groups and for a variety of different diagnoses. During this time I have been carefully observing for eventual side effects. No negative side effects have been observed. I have found a few cases where blockages have been dissolved. I have been able to control this by adjusting the level.

Great achievements and large improvements have been observed in the following cases:- Elderly people’s ability to move, recovery after trauma, healing of wounds, fractures, vegetative stigmata, metabolism (diabetes metabolism of fat), menopause problems, depression, sleep disturbances, migraine, fatigue, abnormal tiredness, better concentration, improved circulation,
cerebral and peripheral, decreased hyperactivity in children, chronic pain in joints (wear and tear), backache, spinal column, osteoporosis, sciatica, rheumatic complaints, gout, chronic pain, vegetative systonia, tension of muscles, regeneration.The patients have as sessed the treatment in a positive way. In my practice I have been able to reduce medication, in some cases
remove it completely: - Antihyper and hypertonia, medication for osteoporosis, hypnotics, tranquillisers, anti-diabetic medication, vein therapy, anti-asthmatic, among other conditions.”
Basal Cell Carcinoma

“Mrs L M came to this Clinic with stage four metastatic basal cell carcinoma, with widespread secondaries in her lungs. This lady is a marathon swimmer and has been swimming up to 3kms a day. Her physical endurance remains a mystery, and as she says ‘I have well past my used by date according to my Oncologist’. Beyond question the long-term use of QRS has improved her microcirculation, and is proving a sustaining benefit.”

Severe Chronic Lead Poisoning - A. Bassmann M. Age 64
“Has been a patient of Dr. Emmanuel Varapatis for a number of years. Has been using QRS for approx. 18 months, but noticed very quickly that his energy levels increased, and his pain had decreased dramatically. He had purchased QRS in ‘sheer desperation”, as the lead poisoning had become and “overwhelming problem to his body”. He was willing to try anything, and now feels quite strongly, that QRS is actually keeping him alive. During May 2000, he was diagnosed with a cyst, which had formed between C5 and C6 pressing on the spinal cord.Within 2 weeks, he was admitted to the Hospital for a rather serious operation. Professor Besser removed the ‘degenerative’ cyst, which he stated was very large and green in color.The operation took over 4 hours, and muscle and bone was severed in the process.

He required 41 mgs of Morphine during the 1-½ hours of recovery period. Some 12 hours later he had 2 panedine forte tablets. Since then he has had no pain relief medication, as he was using QRS. Much interest ensued in this patient at the Hospital due to his extreme well-being after such a serious operation, and the fact that he required no pain relief (except in Intensive Care)

Remarks from Drs and Nurses were also “that the rate of healing was excellent”. As a consequence, he was discharged from hospital in half the normal stay required. After 10 days, he visited his local Doctor who could not believe that he did not require pain relievers, and how well he had healed from such a serious operation. The doctor asked why and when he was told about
Magnetic Therapy, he shook his head and said “all I can say is stay on it”. As a consequence, literature regarding QRS was distributed at the hospital and the doctors are now reading the information more seriously.”

Osteoporosis and Polyarthritis
“Woman 71 years Osteoporosis. Severe pain in the entire spinal region. During 3 weeks she came to me once a day for QRS treatment. After 12 days she was free of symptoms. She rented a QRS for further treatment at home, 3 times setting 4 per day and once per day setting 1. Her husband treated himself in the same way. He suffered from aching simultaneously (Polyarthritis). After 3 weeks she rang the surgery and told us about his experiences with the QRS. He was quite amazed that all his pains were gone. They both went to Paris and could walk around all day, which had previously been quite impossible.
Dr Med. Hannelore Bilz

Brain Trauma - Christoph K.
"Brain trauma, June 93. Was 8 months in coma. Since Oct 94 he has had shiatsu therapy twice a week. He still requires full time care. The right half of his body relatively mobile. Left side severely spastic. The tongue can only move to front teeth. QRS from July 25, 95. After four days a clear effect. He could stretch the tongue 4 cm out of his mouth and licks the top of a yogurt container. Left side of the body clearly more relaxed. He could tell using sign language that he wants Quantron device switched on."
Dr Med. Hannelore Bilz

Osteoporosis Coxartros
"A woman, 80 years old, had Osteoporosis Coxartros surgery. In spite of rehabilitation and intensive physiotherapy she could not climb stairs, but could walk with a stick. After 8 weeks with QRS she could walk without a stick and even climb stairs."
Dr Med. Hannelore Bilz

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
"A 45-year-old woman CIG was diagnosed in October 1997 with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the most common form of motor neuron disease, with an average life expectancy of 3 - 4 years. When I got to know her in January 1998, she suffered generalized muscle weakness and some wastage, poor muscle control and muscle pain. No proven treatment is available. This patient takes Vitamin E and a tablet for gout (Allopurinol). One month after twice daily use of the electromagnetic field therapy she reports: "It works wonders, no more muscle fasciculation, better muscle control and more strength and energy". After three months: "I feel 100% better, I feel the muscle stimulation all over, I feel better on my feet, the aches in my wrists are gone".
Dr. Eckard Roehrich General Practitioner

Neck and Shoulders Injury
"A 53-year-old man G.M. sustained work related injuries to both shoulders and neck in 1991 and 1993. His right shoulder was operated upon on four occasions and his left shoulder on one occasion. His condition deteriorated nevertheless. He left work in 1994 and became dependent on pain killers and nerve tablets to somewhat control the pain from the above injuries but also to control the ever increasing headaches and other wide spread arthritic pains (spine, hips, knees). After 6 weeks treatment with the QRS he reported: getting 3-4 hours more sleep a night, getting less common, less severe, and shorter lasting headaches, losing his limp that resulted from his hip and backache and having more energy through the day."
Dr. Eckard Roehrich

General Practitioner Amputee
The patient has been a diabetic/ stroke/ amputee victim for 6 and a half years, scheduled for a second amputation to have his toes removed. Six months before the second amputation he suffered from pain, diarrhea, chronic urinary tract infections and the degradation of vital functions began to set in. He ended up with his second leg being amputated from the knee down, leaving him as a double amputee.

He began using the QRS with great dedication in a nursing home, 1 week after the second amputation. His overall health and immune system, as well as his diabetes, stabilized. Within a month he returned home pain free. He was able to be mobile with a wheelchair and walking stick, get off medication, and not be a burden at home. He remains pain and infection free with ongoing use of the QRS. His daughter says "it has enabled positive readjustment in our lives and we are grateful."

QRS Testimonials - Everyday Users

Everyday QRS Users - The Power of QRS

Note that all statements regarding health testimonials are reflections of personal experiences and are not meant to imply that you will receive similar results.

Statements in these testimonials do not constitute medical claims.

Hysterectomy, Pain, and Insomnia - Linda Hanson
Amazing! That is what I think about the QRS! I had a complete hysterectomy. It was very helpful for controlling my pain as well as to shorten the healing process about 50%. I had also been having trouble sleeping through the night before using the QRS. Now I sleep the whole night through!"

Chronic Hip Pain - J. B. (Age 65, Elgin, IL)
"I had pain in my left hip for about 9 years. It started when I took lessons to learn to drive a motorcycle. I was very tense as I remember, and it was very strenuous for me to hold the bike up, address the bike, and then swing my right leg up and over to mount up. The pain became severe and always present.

After zapping with the QRS for a week, the pain was almost gone. I did not tell anyone (even my husband) because I did not believe it myself. During the next month I had various pains in knees, toes, thigh, etc. Some pain lasted only 2 hours one some days. These were new sensations for me. By November 4, 2001, on the same day we rode the motorcycle and raked leaves - no pain! I waited until now to fill this out because I wanted to be sure my pain was gone for good and it is gone! I kept a daily diary starting September 5, 2001, and as I look back, I am amazed at the number of various and different sensations I experienced."

Sciatica and Granduloma Andular - S. B. (Macomb, IL)
"Approximately 5 years ago I was leaving the 7th green on our golf course when I felt a severe pain in my inner right thigh. A few days later I noticed a reddish purple spot in that area. The spot had small raised bumps around it. At first we thought it might be ringworm. These markings continued to appear over the next 3 years. I tried some topical applications to no avail. I also tried various essential oils and took nutritional supplements geared for skin problems. The spots kept coming. Eventually they covered the inside and back of my thighs. When they started going down to the back of my knees and top of my calves I was really getting depressed. I decided to go to a dermatologist. Right away after looking at my legs he said, You have granduloma andular. He said usually young people in their teens and early twenties have it. The only thing he could suggest was a strong medication with lots of side effects and topical cortisone. I decided to use the cortisone prescription. I had never taken a prescription medication before so did not want to take it. He said people have it for years and some never get over granduloma
andular. After going through 2 tubes with no results I decided I was doomed. January of 2001 we started using the QRS. I originally wanted it for better sleeping and my sciatica problems. Within a couple months I noticed great improvement with the sciatica. I use the number 1 setting for sleep. If I am not relaxed enough I repeat the setting another couple of times. It must have been in April we noticed my spots were nearly all gone. By May 2001, they were completely gone. I had done nothing different during that time except for the QRS. I don’t know what else would have cleared my skin of the horrible spots.”

Shingles - E. M. (Age 67, Asliston, CA)
“I received the QRS about 5 days after I was diagnosed as having shingles. I had pain that was rather intense and was unable to get a good night’s rest. I received relief within 2 days after using the QRS pad and pillow as prescribed by the protocol. With counsel by Dr. Bowman, I raised the settings and used the pillow over the infected area with increased settings up to 10 for 16
to 24 minutes whenever I felt discomfort. The periods of relief grew longer with usage. Within several weeks almost all discomfort was gone. I continue to use the pad daily in the morning and evening and sometimes the pillow in the afternoon. My energy level is higher also.”

Pain and Depression - C. F. (Grande Ledge, MI)
“C. F. just finished her last round of radiation on one primary cancer site. She will start more chemotherapy on the other primary soon. Are considering smuggling the mat into the hospital, when she is admitted for the chemotherapy. Says she can feel the QRS in her arm at the tumor site only, but nowhere else in her body. She has no pain, her depression is much better, and her
energy level is better. She likes the mat, they all do, and she says that her pets come right to it and lie on it when it is on, as though they know it’s a good thing, and good for them.”

Fatigue/Energy - C. W. (MD; Age 49; Elgin, IL)
“I tried out the QRS for a week mainly to recharge energy level. Used the QRS 2 x a day after a long day at work. I found it very effective, especially it made me want to go to sleep. Almost couldn’t get up from the mattress because it was too peaceful. It gave me a lot of energy for the next workday.”

Menopause and Sore Muscles - C. S. (Age 58, Irvine, CA)
"I am a participant in national senior level tennis tournaments for the last 12 years. As an intense competitor, and while entering menopause, my body was starting to respond with a lot of aches and pains. A stiff lower back, sore arm/shoulder, sore muscles were all becoming daily delights. After using the QRS for the scheduled time period, I have felt more alert with less pain than I have for 10 years. It is amazing how such an easy thing can do so much overall. Using the pillow helps a lot to focus on problem areas, especially lower back. Just standing up in the morning was an adventure. Now, no problem at all."

Chronic Fatigue - D. G. (Age 50; Matteson, IL)
"Twenty years of Chronic Fatigue caused me to have no life, no animation, no sleep, and limited amounts of energy, which left me to raise my daughter while lying on a couch. After owning the QRS for 3 months, my energy and stamina had increased with noticeable improvements of my immune system. With continued daily use of the QRS, my health gradually improved, and after 7 months I am now able to work full time and travel like a normal person. Most important, I am feeling healthier and look younger too!"

Stress - A. L. (Age 30, Chicago, IL)
"I am an option trader at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange and use the QRS on a daily basis to reduce my stress and improve my energy. Already after 2-3 months I feel more ready to go in the morning and less burned out at the end of the week. My friends even tell me I look better."

Dog Attack - R. H. (father)
"My daughter, who was attacked by a dog 9 weeks ago, has used the QRS aggressively. Her doctor says that she is healing at a rate that may make her ready for final plastic surgery in six months after the injury instead of one year. I am very grateful to have had the QRS here for her to use."

Hearing and Breathing - D. L. (Keokuk, IA)
"My husband has some hearing loss. When he started using the mat, I would tell him when it beeped, or he would watch the time. But the last few times he has used it, he has heard the beep himself. He truly thinks the use of the mat is improving his hearing! Wouldn't that be wonderful? Is there any feedback on that from anyone else? He also thinks it is helping his breathing some. While the weather plays a large part (it seems the air is so heavy at times) even on his better days it exhausted for him to do anything requiring him to move around much, or to lift anything. He has from the beginning of these problems refused to just sit back and quit doing anything at all, and one thing he does every day, weather permitting, is go for a walk down by the river every morning and sometimes later in the day too. He also keeps our 3/4 of a city block mowed as well as the large lot at the Kingdom Hall. As long as he can sit down on the job (Ha! Ha!), he does real well. He gets so frustrated when he can't do little things that need doing around the house or even carry in groceries, but Wednesday he was able to do several little things he had been wanting, and it didn't wear him to a frazzle like it usually does. So he really thinks he is a little better there, too."

JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) - M. M. (Age 40, Las Vegas, NV)
"I have had JRA (Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis) for over 25 years. By using the QRS daily for six months, Ive noticed much less pain and more energy, especially in my feet. Walking is much easier now since I have been using the QRS."

Wellness and Energy - S. J. (Hollywood, FL)
"Since I started using the mattress my general health has improved. I don't get sick any more and I am more energetic. After I exercise I feel pain in all my muscles and joints. Once I go on the mattress I become pain free. Another thing is that if I am going to bed very late and I can't sleep, I use the mattress on setting 2. It calms me down and helps me sleep. I'm recommending this mattress to all of my friends."

Diabets, Alzheimer's, Parkinsons - S.P. (Age 73; Crystal River, FL)
"I just wanted to say 'thank you' to Quantron Resonance Systems for making the QRS available. My partner has Diabetes, Alzheimer affect, Parkinsons and Hypertension. I took the information on the QRS to our physician to peruse before I ordered it. Since we were doing everything medically possible he said he saw no reason not to purchase it. I am proud to report that after 28 days on the QRS John's blood sugar levels had dropped drastically and we are taking  the Lente insulin he was previously taking and has only taken coverage 5 doses during that time. Before the QRS we had been covering him with regular insulin 2-3 times a day! His blood pressure also dropped to a normal range and are consistent. We are cutting one of the blood pressure medicines to daily instead of twice daily. Our doctor was amazed at the results and will continue to adjust insulin and medicines as needed. Thank you QRS!"

Full Knee Replacement Surgery - Daphne Jacka, (Age 68)
"Thank you for the opportunity to use the Quantron Resonance System (QRS) in my postoperative recovery from full knee replacement surgery. Using the QRS has speeded up the healing process so rapidly that now, 2 weeks and 4 days after this total knee replacement, I am able to walk freely and with no pain for the first time in at least 4 years. I was told I would be on crutches for at least 5-6 weeks, however, I have not used the crutches for over a week now. I am still using a support trolley, but only because I think I'd get in trouble if Dr C knew I was not following my rehabilitation instructions. The 32 staple wound is now completely healed over and Dr C's aftercare nurse said she has never seen anything like it Ð such rapid healing not seen in all her years working for Dr. C. I was in the hospital for 6 days and then returned home. I commenced using the mat (QRS) twice daily for 8 minutes on the morning. By Sunday, just four days after beginning with using the mat, the wound was completely healed over Ð once again. I repeat the after care nurse was simply astounded. This speedy and pain free recovery is a great relief to me, and I have now taken no painkillers since leaving hospital. I am 68 years of age, was very apprehensive about this operation, its after effects, and had expected quite a long and painful recovery period. You can imagine my absolute delight at the way I feel and can move about so freely without pain. I have in the past been a very keen Lawn Bowler and I also belonged to a walking club, Prime Movers Keep Fit and enjoyed Boot Scooting. In the last few years I have had to cease all these activities due to pain and was becoming very depressed and concerned about the quality of life in front of me Ð but no more, I have my life back and look forward to soon be out in the world again!!!"

Pain Relief - H.S. 31/5/00
"In 1995 at age 39 I woke with a burning upper right arm and an incessant headache that pushed my eyes open from its intensity. After consulting a neurologist, rheumatologist, chiropractor, osteopaths, physiotherapist, masseur and taking handfuls of pain relievers and all supplements suggested by therapists I was free of the constant headache but not much else. In fact, I has horrified at how my arms and hands were mere painful appendages. It got to the state in Feb. 2000 that I did not have the strength to squeeze a clothes peg. All the doctors and specialists could not explain my symptoms, let alone any remedy or even cause.Prior to this breakdown I was a strong healthy person with a huge amount of stamina. As I kept searching for a solution, I found a reference to QRS. I found a naturopath who had it and went to see her the next day. After a session on QRS I slept for the first time in 5 years. Needless to say I purchased a QRS. The status after 3 months is that my right shoulder still gets a kind of nerve pain from the cold or a day of typing. However it is becoming more localized. I firmly believe that the QRS has helped release whatever toxins were blocking the natural nutrients to my muscles/tendons and this is all my body needs to regain its optimum health. I take no more tablets/supplements but do drink more water and treat myself to two treatments a day on QRS. I am forever in your debt for saving my sanity and giving me a painless future."

Pain, bone density, sleep - W.R.S. 30/5/0
"Since using the QRS mat I am in a lot less pain. My bone density has improved after using the mat for three months plus being on HRT. It is great to have a good nights sleep. I no longer need to take anti-inflammatory medication."

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Angina Pectoris C. Spaanenburg 2/6/2000.
"After an abdominal aortic aneurysm operation in 1997, I could not walk more than 300 meters due to a kink in the artery to my right leg. After 10 days using the QRS mat I could walk again. Now I exercise 1 hours a day in the gym and swim  hour. I feel on top of the world. Every house should have a QRS mat."

Scar Tissue - R.C, 28/9/00 Male
"I suffered from Duodenal Ulcers, which were cured with antibiotics, but was left with scar tissue. The scar tissue became very painful. It was in the duodenum and colon, which caused vomiting from time to time. After having an examination, the surgeon suggested a stomach bypass. The following day the QRS arrived and within three days I was free from pain. I have had the mat for 1 year and have had no more pain. My appetite has improved and I feel 10 years younger."

Crushed Spinal Disc - Mr. P. D. Thompson 3/6/00
"I am 72 years of age. I have a very bad lower back, a crushed disc between L4 and L5. One specialist gave me lots of injections, another specialist gave me electric shocks on the spine. I had ten treatments from an acupuncturist all to no avail. I looked forward to a life of pain.However, after five months on the QRS I am now back on the tennis court with very little pain."

Chronic Fatigue E. Johnson-Brown 6/6/00
"Since beginning QRS I have had immediate and sustained increase in energy. I now have 2-3 more hours per day of functional energy. I take fewer supplements and can exercise for 45 minutes without exhaustion on my treadmill, where 20 minutes used to result in fatigue. I have fewer occasions when I feel "wiped" and using setting 1 will settle headaches and/or toxic reactions. I have lost 10 kg in weight that climbed during my illness and my metabolism appears to be more normal. I have tested normal in blood iron tests, which have not been normal for 10 years in spite of iron injections, B12 injections and supplements."

Rheumatoid Arthritis for 30 years Mrs. M. Carkeek 1/6/00
"I received my QRS in April and started on setting 3 and increased the setting by one each week. The swelling in my hands has gone down by half. Swelling in my feet must have gone down because they feel quite a bit better. When walking I am able to stretch out and walk faster and better. I am feeling more energetic and not so stressed."

Osteoporosis, Liver Complaint. Peg Shirley
"I would like to thank you for treatment on the QRS Mattress. Since using it I have felt so much better. My upper back which had four fractures caused by osteo, is very much relieved, and just last weekend I could hardly walk with the pain in my hip, but after treatment I walked back home with no pain whatsoever. My general well-being has really improved. I feel like a new brighter person which helps me care for my husband in a more relaxed manner and also I am sleeping better. My liver problem seems very much better also."

Insomnia, Various Complaints. Mrs Wies Budiman.
"After using the mat for about seven days my insomnia disappeared, as did my constant feeling of fatigue. I continued to use the mat and the problem of pain in my leg and right hip disappeared after four weeks. The QRS also accelerated the healing of my wound after a gynecological operation. Nowadays my varicose veins have become less obvious."

Note that all statements regarding health testimonials are reflections of personal experiences and are not meant to imply that you will receive similar results. Statements in these testimonials do not constitute medical claims.

A testimonial only represents the outcome of the treatment or procedure for that individual person. The health outcome and the time to achieve that outcome may vary. We also recommend that QRS be applied in association with, not instead of, other types of treatment to achieve added value.

Case Studies & Testimonials From Europe and Australia

The following case studies and testimonials have been compiled from identified sources. These case studies and testimonials have been gathered from practitioners, patients and sporting professionals.

Below are testimonials from doctors and patients in Australia who have used the QRS Quantron Resonance System of pulsed magnetic fields in cancer treatment programs.

Practitioner (Dr David G Spall) Queensland Prostcare & Cancer Clinic (Thermotherapy, Hyperthermia, Microwave Therapy, Bio-immunotherapy)

To Whom It May Concern.


The Queensland Prostcare and Cancer Clinic was established in January 1996 to provide treatment options for cancer patients, hitherto unavailable in Australia. The concept of a pulsing micro-magnetic field, using the QRS, was embraced as an adjunctive therapy to the biophysics, bio chemical, and bio-immunotherapy techniques already in use at this Clinic. After four months extensive use, we are now in a position to confirm its obvious clinical benefits to a broad selection of patients, including several with stage 3 and stage 4 disease. QRS Therapy, by its very nature, is long term in its projected benefits as far as realistic expectations are concerned. However, even in the short term, perceptible observations made here include:

a. Patients require ever decreasing amounts of analgesics. Pain reduction, particularly evident with bony secondaries.

b. Saturated oxygen levels visibly improve in many patients.

Metastatic Breast Cancer (Dr David G Spall)
Mrs S L presented with advanced metastatic breast cancer with by-lateral pleural effusions in February 1998. Two pleurocentesis were necessary during the course of treatment over a period of five weeks. QRS treatment was commenced on a bi-daily basis and the patient was sent home and continued QRS treatment. Since her last pleurocentesis in Melbourne, on 27th April 1998, there has been no further need for pleurocentesis. It is also significant that this woman had widespread bony metastases throughout her vertebral column, including the almost complete bony destruction of several vertebras in the thoracic and lumbar spine. The patient is now ambulant, and drove to her last clinical assessment without assistance. After three months a radiological re-assessment of her skeletal system will be made.

Basal Cell Carcinoma (Dr David G Spall)
Mrs L M came to this Clinic with stage four metastatic basal cell carcinoma, with widespread secondaries in her lungs. This lady is a marathon swimmer and has been swimming up to 3kms a day. Her physical endurance remains a mystery, and as she says ÔI have well past my used by date according to my Oncologist'. Beyond question the long-term use of QRS has improved her microcirculation, and is proving a sustaining benefit.

Metastases In Liver And Lungs (Dr David G Spall)
Mr. W B presented with huge metastases in his liver and lungs on 6th May 1998 with a very dismal short-term prognosis. Faithful use of the QRS, in addition to other treatment modalities, has seen this man return to work in North Queensland. His jaundice is still very evident, his liver function tests are grossly abnormal but, to the amazement of all concerned, he says he feels surprisingly well and his pain is now very well controlled with minimal medication.

Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (Dr David G Spall)
Mrs C D is a 76-year-old lady who came with Non- Hodgkins Lymphoma, involving her right parotid gland and all the lymph nodes of the right side of her neck, so as to totally distort her face and neck, closing her right eye. QRS was used during her treatment here over a period of eight weeks. We believe that daily treatment with QRS has complemented the other treatment, which has seen a complete remission of this tumor.

Practitioner (Dr. Eckard Roehrich General Practitioner, Twin Lakes Medical and Dental Centre)
"I am a general practitioner with an open mind for alternative and natural therapies. My practice includes preventative and nutritional medicine and acupuncture. I have had some experience with electromagnetic field therapy for a number of years. For the last six months I have used extensively the QRS for treatment of a variety of ailments in a large number of patients. Indications include chronic spinal and muscular skeletal disorders, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (a form of motor neuron disease), proximal myopathy, cardiomyopathy, and cases of lethargy and immune deficiency. Case studies have been included as separate headings with acknowledgments to Dr Roehrich."

Breast Cancer (Molly Aukim of the Allergy Prevention Clinic
These readings from a 53 year old female with conventionally diagnosed breast cancer. She also tested positive for cancer in the lymphatic system and it was suspected in the uterus as well. An ultra sound and a biopsy tested positive with the conclusion that the cancer was too far advanced for surgery. Consequently the woman was given large amounts of chemotherapy and radiation, herbs, vitamins and homeopathy. This was given for 2 months without any real success. The Quantron Resonance System was introduced and the woman used it twice a day on settings 3 and 4. Since using the QRS, she has experienced no nausea or side effects from the chemotherapy and radiation therapies and her blood sugar levels have stabilized.

Breast Cancer and Bone Cancer Secondaries since 1998 - 20/6/2000 - Mrs. J. Fraser, All stable at last bone scan.
"As I am using a number of alternative therapies as well as QRS, all I can honestly say is that I am very well and healing. There is even the word remission being uttered by the medical oncologist. I feel that nine months of weekly visits to a healing psychotherapist has been the major helper for me but I do know that since buying the QRS I have not had any Panadol's etc. and I walk for approx 45 mins a day."

Metastatic breast cancer since March 1999. - Mrs. M. Filmer 15/6/2000
"I was diagnosed with recurrent breast cancer with lung and multiple bone secondaries in Jan 1998. My original cancer diagnosis was in 1980. Since 1998 I have been taking Tamorifan with very good results and have remained stable. I bought the QRS in March '99 with the hope of improving my quality of life. Within a few weeks there was a marked improvement in my sleeping patterns and that of course led to an improvement in my general feeling of well being. I've had quite long periods of little or no pain. When I do have pain the QRS pad is definitely beneficial. There has been an improvement in my gastric reflux and I have at times been able to cut back my medication. My cholesterol has gone down from 6.8 to 5.9 in 12 months. The higher settings on the QRS help my low energy levels and I am able to function for longer periods. The low levels on the QRS have proved to have a calming effect. I am very pleased I heard about the QRS when I did and that I was in a position to be able to purchase one."

Diabetes Type 2, Hypertension B. Henderson MD Sc F.R.A.C.D.S. F.I.C.D.

In October 1999, while still recovering from openheart surgery earlier in the year, I was told by my GP that I had become a type 2 diabetic, and I was put on medication of 2 Diamicron and 1 Metformin tablet twice daily. In spite of this, my resting blood sugar was nearly always 8 millimols or greater. About this time I was fortunate enough to notice an article on QRS and its functions. A lecture was advertised, and having read the article, I was strongly drawn to attend the lecture. I listened to all that was said both by Sahaja Robinson and Dr. Judith Findlay who were both enthusiastic about the results that could be achieved with this modality. Attending the same lecture was a woman I had known for many years who was a physiotherapist so after the lecture was over I had quite a long chat with her and although she was not familiar with this particular machine she was most enthusiastic about treatment with pulsating magnetic fields. Subsequently, I phoned Dr. Findlay to ask her what experience she had in treating type 2 diabetics with QRS and she told me that she had one patient who was going to have two toes amputated, but after being on the QRS for some time, there was no longer any necessity to do this. This was enough to convince me that I should embark on this kind of treatment; also as I had been getting unpleasant feelings in my feet and although not at the stage of being threatened with amputation, I certainly did not want to head in that direction. Having thought about it and knowing that for the present at least, diabetes is a permanent entity, it seemed the wisest move was to purchase a QRS, rather than to rent one, so I phoned Saharja and placed my order. In five or six days the machine duly arrived and I set to doing my eight minutes, three times a day according to the protocol sent from Dr. Bilz in Germany for Type 2 Diabetes. I have now been using QRS for 3  months and my resting blood sugar is now fairly regularly between 5 and 6  Millimols. It has on occasions been down to 4 , and I am sure it will continue to improve as time goes by. Obviously I still have to watch my diet, but I am more than pleased with the results I am getting, and would thoroughly recommend this machine to anyone who has Type 2 Diabetes. My blood pressure has also reduced and is now at a good level of 130/70 where as it was before 160/90..

Practitioner Osteoporosis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Dr Ruth Cilento M.B., B.S., D.B.M., D.Ac, FACNEM) ÒI have found that the Quantronic Resonance System improves my state of health quite remarkably. I have osteoporosis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the balancing I receive from using the mat twice daily has been a great help in alleviating my symptoms."

Vertigo, Migraine, Other Complaints. Mrs Tien Budiman. ÒThe first week after using the mat I felt my vertigo and migraine decrease. I had fallen at home and hurt my back and knee. I went to an orthopedic specialist but the pain did not disappear. So I used the mat regularly, once a day and now after three months I am free from pain in my back and knee."

Psoriasis D. S. Braumann 2/6/2000 ÒA rather intractable psoriasis of the fingernails has improved slowly but significantly, especially using setting 10 constantly. Most marked and welcome improvement in general sense of well being especially mental and emotional poise, despite various life stresses, and resistance (did not succumb to colds and flues when others around me had them) Very effective on sore muscles. I am very satisfied with the product and its performance, ease of use and quality of manufacture."

Pain in both shoulders and lower back Mrs. C. Barnett 27/7/00 ÒI couldnÕt lie on my left side because of the pain in my shoulder and was unsettled most of the night. I now can and when I go to sleep literally Òdie". ItÕs so nice to sleep deeply after so long a time. I dream every night whether this is due to the deep sleep I donÕt know. I also have a little more movement in my shoulder and it is not as stiff. I have been going monthly to the Chiropractor, sometimes weekly and in much pain between visits. Unless I move my arm too suddenly or over reach there is no ongoing pain. I am so grateful of being able to use the QRS. My future looked very bleak indeed and full of pain."

General Well Being LC 28/9/00 Female. ÒI purchased QRS to improve my general well being and to help my husband and clients. I found that I have much more energy and I am extremely happy with the results."

Chronic Asthma. M. C. Female, 56 yrs. ÒHas had asthma for 18 years. Since moving to Queensland, also has sarcoidosis. Swelling of the lymph nodes around the lung area. Uses an inhaler. Fantastic improvement. Now sleeps right through the night without the use of the inhaler. She is able to walk 6 kms a day, which she has not been able to do until now. She feels wonderful and says, Ò she feels happy and wants to live againÓ.

Cardiovascular Problems Margory Lankow, Labrador, Qld, Australia, age 84 ÒI believe it is out of this worldÓ ÒI feel so much younger and energizedÓ ÒMy legs are so much better and my general circulation is much betterÓ ÒI have had many tonics and prescription drugs in the past and I can honestly say, nothing has given me the benefits like the QRS mattress.Ó ÒEven my neighbors come in to share the benefits. I like that because we can have a chat at the same timeÓ ÒTwice a day for eight minutes - its so easy.Ó

Fracture Of The Radius. Morbus Sudeck Dr Med. Hannelore Bilz Patient, 74 years old. Fracture of the radius. Morbus Sudeck. Could not clench his fist. After 8 weeks with QRS the fists would clench.

Crohns Disease Dr Med. Hannelore Bilz Patient 29 years old. Early retired.

Crohns disease. 3 weeks QRS. Clear improvement. Lower frequency of evacuation. Better appetite.

Achilles Tendon Dr Med. Hannelore Bilz Patient 37 years old. Tennis player, problems with Achilles tendon. Different treatments had failed. After 3 weeks QRS could play tennis again.Ó

Testicular Cancer Dr Med. Hannelore Bilz Man 32 years, testicular cancer (seminoma) with metastases in the stomach region after semi-castration (operation). Chemotherapy and QRS 4 times daily, 3 times setting 4 and 1 time setting 1 at night. After three days the patient could cope without painkillers and sleeping pills. The patient purchased his own QRS and has treated himself for 2 months with great success.

Tension, Back & Neck Pain, Headaches, Disturbed Sleep, Sciatica, Asthma Dr Med. Hannelore Bilz Mr and Mrs E. (after 3 weeks QRS). After the death of their daughter in a car accident a year ago they have suffered a lot. Mr E. Extreme state of tension, back, neck and headache. According to him, the pains were reduced by at least 50%. Mrs E: Disturbed sleep, sciatica, asthma. After 4 days she was able to sleep all night. Improvement of asthma but no improvement of sciatic pain. Meniscus Left Knee - Evelin S Dr Med. Hannelore Bilz 1993 Meniscus left knee, with inflammation. After 6 months okay. Skiing accident Left knee collateral ligament torn meniscus removed through operation. April 1995 repaired. Skiing and tennis were possible even though ambulatory problems each morning. Pain and stiffness in both knee joints. Mid June 1995 QRS treatment started. After 1 week, at least 50% improvement. Practitioners Experience Dr Med Walter Maus Dear Dr Fischer, As you know I have been working with magnetic field therapy for 40 years, often with good, but every so often, without results. Your apparatus continues to surprise me. Not only the expected results, but also astonishing side-effects have evolved in front of my eyes. I started with myself. After a disc operation with resection of a vertebral arch I put up with considerable pain for 8 months. Treating myself with the Quantron device, the pain slowly subsided and disappeared seven days ago. Quite unexpectedly I have lost 6kg in 8 weeks. This reminded me of the fact that the literature mentions something about stimulating the lipid exchange. Lung Embolism & Severe Blockages Of The Lymph. (Dr Med Walter Maus) Woman with lung embolism and severe blockages of the lymph. (especially in the legs). Patient had no pains after 3 days and was able to walk again. Gastritis And Gall Problems (Dr Med Walter Maus) Woman with atrophic gastritis and congested gall bladder. No longer has symptoms since she began using the mat. Becterev Disease (Dr Med Walter Maus) Woman 80 years. Becterev disease. Feels much better and has regained zest of life. Diabetes with Gastritis (Dr Med Walter Maus). All stomach symptoms disappeared immediately for a man with diabetes who had gastritis. Herpes Zoster (Dr Med Walter Maus) Woman - herpes Zoster (over 2 segments) Had strong neural pain for 3 weeks. After one and half weeks with QRS the pains were gone, even though she did not take the medication prescribed by the doctor (Zovirax), whose prediction was considerable pain for six months. Chronic Pancreatitis And Severe Colic (Dr Med Walter Maus). Patient with chronic pancreatitis and colic due to pancreatic stones is currently free of symptoms. QRS produced results after 1 week. (Heart) Bypass Operation (Dr Med Walter Maus) A patient suffered from pectanginosic symptoms after a bypass operation. All symptoms disappeared quickly with QRS treatment.



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