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Sherry A. Rogers M.D. is a diplomat of the American Board of Family Practice, a diplomat of the American Board of Environmental Medicine, a Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition. She has been in private practice for 32 years in Syracuse NY, has published over a dozen books, a referenced newsletter for 13 years, 19 scientific papers, and chapters in textbooks. She has presented her original scientific and clinical work in 4 international indoor air symposia and given well over 100 physician lectures in 6 countries in medical schools, hospital residency programs, CME-accredited symposia and physician refresher courses, does over 100 radio shows a year, TV, magazine articles, personal consultations with non-patients, and more.

So let me make it as simple as possible. You know that the difference between you and me alive versus you and me dead is that the electricity has stopped flowing. The EKG and EEG are flat. We have the exact same composite of chemicals, but the flow of electrons has ceased. The living body is electrical in nature, since being alive requires electrons to be continually flowing in and out of our cell membranes. In fact we capitalize on this electricity by measuring the flow of electricity in the heart with the EKG or electrocardiogram. We measure the electricity of the brain with the EEG or electroencephalogram. We measure the electricity in a muscle with the electromyogram or EMG. And we define death as absence of electrical signals.

Years ago physiologists measured other currents that were generated in living animals. First they found there was a measurable “current of injury” generated after they cut off salamanders’ tails. There was likewise a measurable current of healing. Next they wondered if they could accelerate healing by duplicating and modifying this current. As it turned out they not only speeded healing, but they caused total regeneration of a new tail. Soon they learned how the frequency, direction, pattern, and strength of the fields were very important for obtaining maximum regeneration.

But these researchers had a much more magnanimous goal in mind than re-growing amputated salamander tails. For out of these experiments came work that allowed orthopedic surgeons to heal non-union fractures with pulsed electromagnetic fields. One of the worst problems in orthopedics (the specialty of bones and joint surgery) is a nonunion fracture. In other words, x-ray-proven fractures sometimes just do not heal. This is very prevalent with auto accidents and in wartime soldiers.

Months and sometimes years later, x-rays confirm no healing has taken place; there has been no union of the two ends of bone. This is extremely scary because it can end in serious osteomyelitis (infection) from which the person can die. And as long as the two ends of broken bones are not united, the limb is useless. But by placing the non-union fracture in a pulsating electromagnetic field, bones have healed. Many of these cases of non-union fractures were of years’ duration, having failed surgery, pins, metal plates, casts, braces and all sorts of immobilization and stabilization.

After these successes, orthopedic surgeons tried specific pulsating electromagnetic fields on all sorts of other painful diagnoses. Electromagnetic fields were successfully used to heal tennis elbow, elbow and heel tendinitis, osteoarthritic knees, calcified shoulder tendinitis, rotator cuff tendinitis and even reverse osteoporosis of the hips and spine. As well, there has been marked improvement in healing damaged or severed nerves (Rusovan, McDevitt, Raji, Wilson, Sisken, Jacobson, Subramanian), as well as amelioration of Parkinson’s disease (Sandyk) and multiple sclerosis (Sandyk).

With more than 20 million people with osteoporosis alone in the United States, it makes it imperative that folks should know about this safe, natural, effective cure. For we have no other medical cure for osteoporosis. Sure we can put people on a lifetime of estrogens or estrogen mimics like Evista, or on Fosamax and other biphosphonates that can cause a myriad of side effects and don’t restore the missing minerals to bone. All of these drugs merely, once again, turn off a normal pathway, this time of breaking down and then rebuilding new bone. They make it so that you don’t normally break down and remodel bones, but you merely keep the same old bone.

With this physiology in mind where normal bone turnover is halted, I wonder if these drugs will increase the storage of cancer causing cadmium and other heavy metals that notoriously deposit in bone. Studies (TW 2002) already point toward increased cancers with these drugs. And with millions of Americans taking NSAIDs daily, osteoporosis and the need for hip and knee replacements will continue to flourish even more. For these medications, by stopping the body from making new joint cartilage (they inhibit glycosaminoglycan synthesis), cause a steady deterioration of joints, eventually requiring joint replacement (Shield).

Anyway in spite of all of this knowledge I was still skeptical until I got tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) again. Having had it numerous times, I knew it was a sign of poor tennis technique, and that I needed more lessons. I also knew I would be in for agonizing pain for the next six months no matter what I did, since stopping tennis is never an option. You can imagine my surprise when within 24 hours the pain was completely gone. I have tested this on five other separate occasions, and every time the QRS has come through within hours or two days maximum. This is unheard of in medicine. At least I thought it was until I came across papers 20 years old showing that far-thinking physicians have been doing this all along for not only elbows, but ankles, knees, and shoulders (Lee, Binder, Pilla, Devereaux, Pennington). Next I read a personal report from a Harvard medical school faculty physician in her 40s with resistant osteoporosis. She improved her continually deteriorating bone scan 6% in less than a year with using the QRS. She was ecstatic, since nothing else had worked before this.

The Quantron Resonance System (QRS) is the result of German technology. There are currently four ways to treat the body with this pulsed electromagnetic devise, with more on the way.

(1) There is a pen-like applicator (which I used right on the olecranon bursa for tennis elbow, and have used it successfully on teeth roots when they have been traumatized).

(2) There is also an applicator pad for small areas like the elbow, shoulder, back, feet or the heart, for example.

(3) A full-body mattress is available for general whole body regeneration as well as for promoting a restful sleep.

(4) There’s also a chair.

Briefly, each one of these comes with a control box that has ten different settings. If you want to go for the maximum health, I would certainly recommend adding the QRS to your anti-aging plan. In addition, the whole family can benefit, plus you have it to use forever.

An instruction booklet accompanies the QRS, giving guidelines for which of the ten settings is appropriate for various conditions. As an example, for pinpoint pain such as tennis elbow or a painful tooth after biting on something hard, use the pen applicator on the point at setting #10. Do three 8 minute sessions three times a day. If you are worse in any respect, you’ll need to back off to a lower and tolerable setting. I suggest you also buy the inexpensive EMF meter, the Cell Sensor, so you know whether you have hooked it up properly. You can also measure electrical activity around your house.

For a sprained back, shoulder, knee or ankle, the pad is more convenient. For osteoporosis of the hips, use the entire mattress. The dose tolerated by many would be one or two 8 minute sessions in the morning, one or two 8 minute sessions in the afternoon, and one or two 8 minute sessions in the evening. How much time you spend depends on how fast you want to correct your condition, and how damaged you are. Many report reversing osteoporosis with only eight minutes twice a day for 4-8 months. Meanwhile, some need to do only 1-2 settings on #1 before bed to stimulate the brain waves of relaxation. This is also useful in the middle of the night if you awaken with insomnia.

As with any modalities, there is huge individual variation. Although I have never seen them, I bet there are people who could only tolerate two minutes at #1. Therefore just as with a sauna, there are folks who will have to use very short times initially and build up.

The beauty of the QRS, as with the sauna, is that there is no time lost, for you can read, listen or watch instructive material. I absolutely adore getting healthier and not having to waste any time doing it.

The body is made up of all types of cells, each having their specialized functions. Muscle cells conduct electricity and contract causing movement, nerve cells conduct electricity and transmit chemical messages to turn on adjacent cells, which could be thyroid cells to secrete hormone or liver cells to detoxify a chemical. Because cells are all very unique, I’m going to talk about a generic average cell, which of course doesn’t exist. But basically a cell has a membrane or an envelope surrounding it to hold its guts in. When that membrane gets damaged, by eating trans fatty acids, accumulating heavy metals or plasticizers, or having deficiencies of minerals or fatty acids like DHA, the cell membrane leaks. This can cause body swelling (edema) or fluid retention. If the leaking is really bad, the guts spill out and the cell dies. Swelling or edema isn’t the only manifestation of damaged cell membranes. Since the cell membrane houses all of the receptors for communication with every other cell in the body, it is like the Internet of the body. Anything can go wrong once the communication system is damaged.

Because the cell membrane is constructed like a sandwich with fatty acids on either side and proteins in the middle, it also has an electrical charge across the inner and outer membranes. The potential across the average cell membrane is -70 mV. But once cell membranes become bogged down with chemicals or nutrient deficiencies, the trans-membrane potential (the difference in electrical charge from the inside to the outside of the cell membrane) can swing the other way to as much as + 30 mV. This happens, for example, in pain syndromes, old age, swelling either from injury or inflammation, and in most disease states, including cancers. Applying a pulsed magnetic field to a painful site can bring the membrane potential way down to a hyper-polarization level of better than normal, about -90 mV. This makes it more difficult for a pain signal to be detected, and therefore, much less effective in causing pain.

In one study, over 45% of patients showed good results for control of pain, and mind you no one was doing a nightshadefree diet, which should have provided a much higher percentage improvement (Paccagnella). In other studies, the QRS worked better than oxygen protocols (working where they had failed) in opening the diameter of blood vessels and improved ulcers (Leran, Stiller) and wound healing (Kioth, Brighton, Im, Canady). This in turn improved blood flow, bringing precious nutrients to speed healing and diminish pain (Warnke). Researchers even included horses in this study and improved their cardiovascular performance as well. Just about every condition you can think of has been improved with pulsed electromagnetic fields, because you are coming down to a fundamental correction of damaged body physiology (Brighton).

It would take several books just on QRS to detail all of the research. One particularly good starting place for interested physicians would be the book that has chapters by physicians from NIH, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, and more (Blank). These folks have done a wonderful job explaining how the calcium channels that sit in the lipid sandwich of the cell membrane are really pores lined by proteins. These proteins and fatty acids are not static, but like all living things, are moving or oscillating. These oscillations not only can be characterized by frequencies, but have harmonics that can change the alignment and activities of the proteins that govern how much calcium, for example, moves in and out of the cell. This is exciting, because it proves we can control biochemical and cellular function with electromagnetic energy.

Why do so many folks end up with knee surgery after they tear a cartilage? Remember the cartilage from adult humans has no blood vessels, no nerves and no lymphatics. It has a sparse nutritional supply that is primarily derived from the joint fluid. As well, glucosamine sulfate, silicon, water, and much more are needed to modify the regeneration of this vital substance (see Pain Free In 6 Weeks for even more detail when needed).

Also calcium flow is a crucial part of this regeneration, and pulsed electromagnetic fields (which is what the QRS provides) work in part by facilitating calcium flow through calcium channels in cell membranes (McLeod, Grande). Likewise highly charged proteo-glycan molecules (which make up the ground substance or the ‘stuff in between cells) are critical for translating the messages from mechanical forces into cell growth. Equally important, these GAG substances that hold cells together are the major communication link between all cells. The QRS works through all these vital areas to normalize charge and chemistry and ultimately accelerate healing (Trillo).

Clearly, all of this chemistry really comes down to electricity as the primary force determining the movement of calcium in and out of cells. Where it finally goes in the body and governs most crucial functions like nerve transmission, bone healing, and general energy (Blank, Brighton, Madronero). Nothing else is comparable. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are so beneficial that they have also improved the ability of chemotherapy to kill cancer cells (Omote), and to strengthen the immune system (Walleczek).

Dr. Bob Becker, an orthopedic surgeon by training, is one of the pioneers in helping the world understand the uses of electromagnetic fields. When I was just in medical school 37 years ago, his lab was right across the hall from my room in the VA Hospital (where I got room and board for covering the analytical chemistry laboratory every sixth night). He identified the measurable electric current of injury, learned how to duplicate this current, and actually improved upon it, finding its harmonics (Becker, Lednev). With this knowledge he and colleagues figured out how to heal non-union fractures in humans, an especially common problem post wartime. Two decades later pulsed electromagnetic fields have salvaged thousands of limbs that would have been amputated, become a source for lethal infection, or otherwise ruined lives through disability.

Dr. C.A.L. Bassett from Columbia Presbyterian Medical College in New York published numerous papers on the success of pulsed electromagnetic fields in healing non-union fractures in the ‘70s, carrying on this work for decades. In fact, they had an 80% success rate with over 6000 surgeons country-wide, and no patients suffered complications or biological side effects. Electromagnetic fields have accomplished what nothing in surgery or medicine could, and without side effects.

Lets take a peek at how the other important application, reversing and preventing epidemic osteoporosis, works. When bone is not subjected to physical stress or weight bearing, it starts to lose its minerals and osteoporosis results. It is known that patients who lay in bed too long will develop osteoporosis. When Russians first sent astronauts into space, they were surprised that they came back with osteoporosis because they had no longer been under the influence of the earth’s magnetic and gravitational fields. It became clear to scientists that even the earth’s magnetic field, as small as it is, is absolutely vital in preventing osteoporosis.

Hundreds of papers show us a variety of other QRS mechanisms. Basically you can dissect the body down into its organs or you can analyze the body down to its chemical level. Or you can go one step further and take it to its electrical level. For example, just as the heart, muscles and brain have their own internal electrical systems that we measure in medicine, so does bone have an electrical nature.

Bone has a special piezo-electricity (Fukada, Brighton). In other words, the molecular structure of bone is such that when we put stress on it, as in standing, tiny electric currents are generated which actually help us to continually make new bone. The electricity is translated into the language of chemistry that creates continual bone growth and renewal. That’s why folks who are bedridden for long periods of time lose bone and develop osteoporosis, and why astronauts in the early days before this was discovered, would come home from an atmosphere of no gravity with osteoporosis. There was no gravitational stress to turn on the piezo-electric cycle.

Many researchers since then have shown that just as the harmony of a barbershop quartet or orchestra enhances a tune, harmonics of pulsed electromagnetic frequencies can enhance diverse biological functions (Ledlev, Hinsenkamp). They have identified harmonics or resonance frequencies that control the alignment of proteins in cell membrane channels, thus becoming a gate for controlling cell functions, especially swelling and pain. At the same time improved cellular function promotes healing.

One of the nastiest conditions in medicine is when high doses of steroids are used for serious arthritis pain, colitis, or other auto-immune diseases. Sometimes the side effects of steroids (prednisone) is that the tiny femoral artery (that feeds the neck of the long thigh bone ending in the hip) dies. The artery in the neck of the ball that fits into the hip joint literally rots away. Without this ball and socket connection for the long thigh bone, the person can no longer stand. Other things that can damage this besides steroids is alcohol use, sickle cell disease and of course trauma or injury.

But pulsed electromagnetic fields have improved and reversed this deterioration. In one study (Bassett, 1989), 87% of the folks with osteonecrosis of the femoral head were progressing to the point that they would need an artificial joint. When the pulsed electromagnetic fields were used, this dropped to 16%. In other words, 71% of patients with aseptic or a vascular necrosis of the femoral head were healed and spared hip replacement (and these were folks who had a high potential for failure).

One of the many QRS mechanisms involves release of calcium from membranes (Azanza, Ryaby) and because it does work on calcium, the QRS has also been used to improve calcifications of arteries and heart valves (Madronero). Likewise, folks tear shoulder tissues and develop calcifications, limiting motion. But tendonitis of the rotator cuff in the shoulder has been improved with QRS (Binder), as has multiple sclerosis (Guseo), as well as hip osteoporosis and osteonecrosis (Aaron). Even folks who have had a hip replacement that has become loose have tightened up with the QRS, stimulating new bone growth (Rispoli, Kennedy, MacDonald). And some of these in clinical trials were performed double-blind so there could be no doubt (Bassett). They were spared surgery through “energy” medicine.

Once you understand that electricity is one of the basic mechanisms for regenerating and healing the body, it opens up a plethora of potential uses. Doctors have improved fibromyalgia (Colbert), persistent neck pain and whiplash (Foley-Noland), and healed resistant skin ulcers (Leran, Stiller, Salzberg), a big problem especially in diabetics and bedridden folks. They have improved postpolio syndrome (Vailboria), delayed union of leg fractures (Sharrard), even when infected (Rinaldi), and reduced swelling and speeded healing of fractures (Pennington, Pilla), promoted healing of lumbar fusions (Mooney), and improved the pain of osteoarthritis (Trock) with pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Along with improving wound healing (Kloth) and the growth of new blood vessels (Yen-Patton), they have found that they can even cause regeneration or new growth of nerves that have been injured (Greenbaum, Sisken, Weintraub, Rusovan, McDevitt, Wilson, Raji). This has brought a wonderful new lease on life for those who had given up any hope of healing. Often these are folks who through surgery, accidents, or metabolic illness have lost the use of a specific nerve, like the sciatic nerve. The QRS has caused regeneration and healing of nerves thought to be irreparably damaged. But once again I must stress that to expect a miracle from something like the QRS every time in extremely difficult cases amounts to uneducated optimism. But what a heightened chance of success you could expect if at first you corrected body nutrient deficiencies, gut overload, detox deficiencies, and got rid of a lifetime accumulation of damaging chemicals. Never lose sight of the total body burden of stressors that contribute to a problem.

In the QRS a conventional current is changed to a DC current and pulsed at a field strength of 0.1 gauss to 0.4 gauss, depending upon the setting you choose. The earth’s magnetic field strength is 0.5 gauss, so they are very similar yet weaker. That’s why there have never been any notable side effects. The World Health Organization has classified anything under one gauss as very safe. The adjustable frequency of pulsations (ten choices of settings, more with newer models) ranges from 3 (used for relaxation) to 200 (used for regeneration) cycles per second with eight other levels in between. An important feature is that the positivity/ negativity flips three times every eight minutes so that the body does not become acclimated to it and it does not lose its effectiveness. The QRS works maximally at a field strength of 30 microteslas. The World Health Organization and other technical associations consider a constant load of 100 microteslas (at 50 Hz) as safe. The top setting of 10 is 30 uT, while the lowest setting of 1 is 0.3 uT. The field of the applicator pen (for small joints, pinpoint pain in bursas, teeth, etc.) can also replace laser for stimulation of acupuncture points.

I have personally used it a multitude of times with all sorts of sports injuries and have been highly impressed. Just as the voluminous papers that I have cited relate, others report improvement of tennis elbows, shoulder bursitis and osteoporosis, painful teeth, and much more. And you can well imagine that it might be useful for cancers and indeed researchers found that pulsating magnetic fields can increase the natural killer cells that the body makes to fight off cancer (Malter).
The sad thing, after I had researched the QRS extensively, was the thought of all of the folks in nursing homes who never had the benefit of this to heal their fractured hips, decubitus ulcers and osteoporosis. Clearly, a QRS mattress in hospital beds could be therapeutic as well as prophylactic for disease and osteoporosis (Cruess, Skerry).

Think of people who have damaged nerves from auto accidents or surgery, for example, who do not know that they have a chance at regeneration (Rusovan, Raji, McDevitt, Wilson). Or think about the horrible spinal cord damage from accidents that have left folks paralyzed, or those with nonhealing leg ulcers, slow healing burns and much more. Or look at the people suffering the side effects of osteoporosis (Rubin) medications when they could have prevented it on the QRS mat. Obviously all hospital beds should have a QRS built into them to prevent osteoporosis and bed sores, much less to promote speedier healing and recovery.

Clearly the QRS can be a wonderful component to your antiaging, accelerated healing, and detoxification program, as it heals injuries quickly, prevents osteoporosis (Rubin) as well as heals it, and helps to make the body in general more disease resistant.



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