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Use of the QRS has been proven safe and effective in Europe and Australia. As yet, no medical claims are made or implied concerning use or application in the United States.

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QRS 101-Home

QRS-101 Home System
The QRS-101 Home System is our standard and most used system. It consists of a Treatment Mat, Small Pillow, Control Unit QRS-101 Home, and the Home Card. East to setup and use.

60-day money back guarantee    

Technical Data

Power Supply:   AC/DC Adapter, UL and CE approved
Input: 110/230 V (AC)
Output: 6V (DC)
Operation Description:  

The Control Unit generates and sends a variable pulsating signal to the applicators (QRS Mat or QRS Pillow).

Outlet voltage on applicator:   Max 3V pulsating direct current
Safety precaution:   BF (for electrical shock)
Intensity Settings:  

1 to 10, plus sensitive

Application duration:   1 to 60 minutes
Application-current reverse:   Every 2 minutes
Applicator 1 (QRS Mat):   Loops enclosed in cotton-cretonne; cover vinyl or cotton-cretonne
Applicator 2 (QRS Pillow):   Loops enclosed in cotton-cretonne; cover vinyl or cotton-cretonne
Magnetic Field Intensity:   Mat Applicator: Max. 30 Micro-Tesla
Pillow Applicator: Max. 40 Micro-Tesla