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Quantron Resonance

Harvard Square

Cambridge, MA 02238


800 646-3622


Use of the Quantron Resonance System has been proven safe and effective around the world.

imagine the possibilities

Power Supply:   AC/DC Adapter, UL and CE approved
Input: 110/230 V (AC)
Output: 6V (DC)
Outlet voltage on applicator:   Max 3V pulsating direct current
Operation Description:  

The Control Unit generates and sends a variable pulsating signal to the applicators (QRS Mat or QRS Pillow). These applicators will then emit a magnetic field with different frequencies reaching from 3 Hz up to 1000 Hz. What sets QRS apart from other pulsating magnetic field devices is the unique sawtooth-shaped wave of the frequencies. This sawtooth-shaped wave will improve transport of ions. Another important property is that due to the special composed signal, it will prevent the body to become immune to the magnetic field overtime.

Control Unit Programs:  

Each program has optional intensity and duration gradations:
BASIS: general health maintenance program. The magnetic field is composed of frequency cycles between 3Hz and 1000 Hz, mainly to increase Ion transport in the body. Important cycles that are activated:

- 3 Hz; creates relaxation and reduces stress
- 23 Hz; neutralizes the body from 50-60 Hz waves (so called "electro smog"), such as from cellular phones, TVs., computers etc.
- 200 Hz; improves blood circulation and cellular metabolism

VITAL: optimized to enhance activity and energy in the body.
RELAX: optimized for relaxation

Magnetic field reach:   Up to 3 feet away from the applicator
Magnetic field intensity:   Mat Applicator: min. 0.3 Micro-Tesla; max. 30 Micro-Tesla Pillow Applicator: min. 0.4 Micro-Tesla; max. 40 Micro-Tesla Intensity settings 1 to 10, plus sensitive setting An overdose is not possible as the QRS generates maximum field strength of 40 Micro-Tesla. The World Health Organization considers a constant load of 100 Micro-Tesla (at 50 Hz) as safe.
Application duration:   1 to 60 minutes
Application-current reverse:   Every 2 minutes
Applicators (Mat & Pillow):   Loops enclosed in cotton-cretonne; cover vinyl or cotton-cretonne
Safety precaution:   BF (for electrical shock)
Tested:   EC-guidelines for medical products, appendix IV Medical Products 93/42 EC. TUV certified.
Treatment:   Two times 8-minutes, twice each day for general health maintenance; preferable one treatment of 8-minutes in the morning and 8-minutes in the evening. It can provide stress reduction, more restful sleep, and improve the immune system. For treatment of special medical conditions, please advise your doctor or QRS consultant. Complementary: the QRS can be used before, after, or in combination with any other kind of treatment, therapy, or medication. For example, by making body cells receptive, pulsating magnetic fields maximize the effect of medicines. Side effects: no side effects