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Quantron Resonance

Harvard Square

Cambridge, MA 02238


800 646-3622


Use of the Quantron Resonance System has been proven safe and effective around the world.

imagine the possibilities


There are different ways to try the Quantron Resonance System. We offer purchase, rental and finance programs. Please review these options and decide what suits your needs and budget.

Start now to improve your health. The Quantron Resonance System makes you feel younger and more energized!

Purchase Program

Purchase Quantron Resonance products ONLINE now or Contact Us for more information. We accept checks and all major credit cards. Both the purchase of the QRS-101 Home and the QRS-201 Mobile come with a 6 month money back guarantee and a 2-year factory warranty.


Rental Program


QRS-101 Home System
The QRS-101 Home System is our standard and most used system. It consists of a Treatment Mat, Small Pillow, Control Unit QRS-101 Home, and the Home Card. East to setup.

8 weeks x $50 = $400 Rental fee


QRS Magnetic Field Pen
Designed to treat very specific areas of the body, such as the eyes, ears, and meridian points in the body. The QRS MF Pen can only be used with the QRS-101 Home System or QRS-201 Mobile System.

8 weeks x $10 = $80 Rental fee


Contact Us for more information!


Finance Program

We offer finance programs where you can own your system after three monthly payments. There will only be a minor finance fee of $35.00. We offer also a finance program for purchases after a rental period. Contact Us for further information.