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Quantron Resonance

Harvard Square

Cambridge, MA 02238


800 646-3622


Use of the Quantron Resonance System has been proven safe and effective around the world.

imagine the possibilities

MultiMedia Learning Center

Our growing MultiMedia Library provides an enormous wealth of information found no where else in the world. Dr. William Pawluk, MD of John Hopkins University, is an author and a leading authority in the United States on the beneficial effects of Pulsed Magnetic Fields. He brings an easy understanding of this very important therapy to you in layman's terms. This cutting edge information is immediatly available 24 hours a day.

Audio Teleconference Seminars with Dr. Pawluk, MD of John Hopkins Unversity


Quantron Resonance Training Video - 17 minutes

Dr. Pawluk of John Hopkins University demonstrates how easy the Quantron Resonance System is to use at home or in your practice.


Quantron Resonance Therapy Video - 20 minutes

General Overview of the Quantron Resonance System


Treatent Advice for Medically Diagnosed Indications

Allergies, Arthrosis, Auto-immune, Blood Pressure, Digestive System, Ears, Elbow, Eyes, Fractures, Foot, Gynecology, Hand, Heart, Hips, Infectious diseases, Jaw (tooth) diseases, Knee, Liver (biliary tract), Metabolism, Migraine, Nervous System, Osteoporosis, Psyche, Respiratory tract diseases

Shoulder, Sinusitis, Skin Disease, Spine (cerviccal), Spine (thoracic), Spine (lumbar), Sports applications, Sports injury, Urinary tract and male reproductive organs, Vein disease, General QRS rules Derived from blood pressure and pulse values

As individual as you yourself: How you control your QRS therapy success, Time / duration of therapy, Application levels, For your safety

Learning Center Library

Quantron Resonance Case Studies

Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields PEMFs on Stress
William Pawluk, MD, MSc


Download Advice

ATTENTION: High speed DSL or Cable internet connections should be problem free. However, dial up connections(56k or lower) may experience delays or inconsistent playback.

If you are using a dial up connection 56k or lower, the movie files may not play immediately or may stop and then restart repeatedly as the movie file downloads.

To remedy this, choose the smallest file size to download. Next, leave your browser window open to completely download the movie file. Depending on the file size and your connection speed, this may take 10 to 20 minutes.

Once the movie file has completely downloaded, use the small buttons - Rewind, Pause, Play, and Fast Forward which reside across the top of the movie to start at the beginning. The movie will play smoothly once fully downloaded. The blue progress bars indicate your postition in the movie.

This cutting edge information is immediatly available 24 hours a day. Just choose a condition and download the corresponding Audio Seminars. Use the Audio Seminar's "play list" to "Fast Forward" to the discussion of your condition. Its that easy.