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Quantron Resonance

Harvard Square

Cambridge, MA 02238


800 646-3622


Use of the Quantron Resonance System has been proven safe and effective around the world.

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Medical Authority

William Pawluk, MD, guides QRS use. Through the guidance of William Pawluk, MD, MSc, Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School, initial work has begun to educate both physicians and individuals about pulsating electromagnetic fields as a treatment option. Dr. Pawluk is considered a leading national authority on the clinical application of both static and pulsed electromagnetic fields in the United States.

Dr. Pawluk is also working to establish an evidence-based standard for use in education about pulsating electromagnetic fields in complementary treatment. The purpose is to introduce this new healing concept into the United States. The beneficial applications of pulsating electromagnetic fields as a promising health solution is based on over 30 years of research out of Europe.

The National Foundation of Alternative Medicine (NFAM) was created to scientifically study, validate and publicize information about alternative and complementary treatments for cancer and to make the findings available to the public free of charge. Dr. Pawluk has been appointed the electromagnetic consultant of the Scientific Advisory Board of the NFAM.

William Pawluk, MD was invited to the Bioelectromagnetic Society (BEMS) Meeting in Quebec, Canada, June 25-27, 2002 to speak on the positive results of the QRS with Osteoarthritis of the Knee in relieving joint stiffness and pain while increasing range of motion. The QRS, Quantron Resonance System, was internationally presented as an emerging treatment for osteoarthritis to the foremost research scientists in the field of pulsed electromagnetic fields. Dr. Pawluk's abstract may be read at Go to "News", then "Abstracts", then "8 Emerging Therapies I", Section "8.8 Treatment of Osteoarthritis with a new Broadband signal".

Dr. Pawluk presented the QRS at the 2000 North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy (NAAMT) annual convention. NAAMT is the first national US nonprofit organization to represent the interests of clinicians from various disciplines in the emerging new field of magnetics used in clinical application, including both static magnets and frequency or time-varied magnetic fields. Please visit Scientific Lecture to read his presentation.

With Jiri Jerabek, MD, PhD, Dr. Pawluk has co-authored Magnetic Therapy in Eastern Europe: A Review of 30 Years of Research. This book contains extensive medical information and details on the scientific basis of magnetic field therapy. It is appropriate for healthcare professionals and those with serious interest in the subject of magnetic therapy. There is no current source with as much practical research-based medical evidence.

Dr. Pawluk, with his extensive knowledge with the QRS, offers his expertise to you. To support the growth of awareness of pulsating electromagnetic fields and their use for healthcare, a national monthly teleconference call is available for any interested parties. Please Contact Us if you would like to participate.