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Quantron Resonance

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Use of the Quantron Resonance System has been proven safe and effective around the world.

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Quantron Resonance in Sports

The QRS has been shown to be effective in increasing performance for both professional athletes and individuals that make exercise a part of their daily activities. QRS is an innovative treatment available without negative side effects. The strenuous training involved in competition and exercise may often result in torn muscles and muscle tension. Using the pulsating electromagnetic fields of the QRS, torn and tense muscles become relaxed and a quicker recovery is achieved due to the increased blood flow and oxygen to the cells; the body is then capable of improving performance. The QRS eliminates toxic waste, while factors such as asthma, pain, injury that could interfere with training are positively influenced with regular use of the QRS system.

Testimonials claim that this regeneration leads to a safer, quicker recovery, with improved stamina after training and competition, as well as enhanced athletic ability.





John Slawinski
United States Golfer, Age 48
Professional Senior Long Drive Competitor
World Finalist

"I found out about the QRS from my doctor in July 2001, who recommended it for the various conditions resulting from improper workout techniques over 25 years. These conditions were limiting my performance as a professional long drive competitor. I was dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome pain that woke me in the night, low back pain, numerous neck and upper back aches, a strained rotator cuff from a baseball injury I had as a child, and high blood pressure. Using the QRS 3x's a day, from 8 to 16 minutes each time, I saw an array of positive health results.

Since I have wrapped the QRS pillow around my shoulder, it has eased the pain so I could increase my workout capacity. In my workouts I have found that I could do more intense work outs more often and recover much faster than previously. This improvement was about 40%. My blood pressure was high and started at 139 and went down significantly over the next 3 months. My blood pressure still remains low with daily use of the QRS. After late night workouts, I have trouble getting to sleep. I use setting 1 on the QRS right before going to bed. I find with the QRS I go to sleep sooner and find it knocks me out. It feels like taking a tranquilizer and puts me into a real deep recovery sleep!

A surprising result for me was better and faster digestion. I take a lot of vitamins and nutrients. Somehow I can eat more, which I like, because it is hard for me to gain weight. I find I am always hungry sooner than normal. I also find I have better elimination. One interesting thing I have noticed is that if I lie on the mattress with my head it makes me feel light headed so I make sure my head is off the mat for my treatments.

The ultimate result for me was an increase in my golf club head speed from 125 to 135 miles per hour, which in turn will increase the distance necessary to compete at a higher level in worldwide competition! I have also seen muscle relaxation and pain relief from my wrist to my shoulder and in my neck and lower back. The QRS has become a daily habit for me and I take it with me wherever I am competing. Now, I depend on the QRS to make me feel better and help increase my sports performance."


Successful QRS Application in Professional Sports FC Nurnberg, National League Soccer Team in Germany

In professional sports, in Europe and Australia, it has been known for a long time that the application of magnetic field resonance therapy offers significant advantages.

Following is the copy of a letter from the doctor of a professional soccer team in Germany after 2 years experience with the applications of magnetic field resonance therapy using the QRS System.

Team Doctor
Dr. Jochen Gruber
October 6, 1998

For the last two years magnetic field resonance therapy has been used by the Football Club Nurnberg (Soccer team rated No. 1. in the national league of Germany) to treat traumatic injuries and to improve the general regeneration ability of athletes.

The expansion in diagnostics by use of applied classical kinesiology according to Dr. George Goodheart, as well as the use of the Prognos system (linked to the acupuncture points), brought about advantages in determining the treatment strategy, which resulted in a marked improvement of therapy successes. With the inclusion of magnetic field resonance therapy with its diverse possibilities of applications a further increase in therapy successes was reached. On average the frequency of treatment of the consumption of medicines could be decreased. With the help of applied classical kinesiology on the "Magnetic point" in the metacarpus bone area, the treatment with the magnetic field mat is examined as part of the therapy regime. Prognos makes it possible to objectify the energy status of the meridian system before and after magnetic field treatment. This is valid for application with the magnetic field pillow for localized problems or injuries, as well as the magnetic field mat for regeneration.

Only after a short time of treatment, the majority of the team asked for a few minutes of "regeneration on the magnetic field mat" after each training session. Meanwhile, the team's promotion was made from the #1 rated regional league to # 1 rated national league and helped to increase the acceptance of magnetic field therapy by the Nurnberg team's members and staff.

In June 1998, about 1 week before the start of the European championship of the U21 Soccer National League, the 22-year-old Frank Baumann, the sweeper of FC Nurnberg and the national team, twisted his ankle (supination trauma) without outside interference in training.

Following adequate first aid with Hot-Ice and compression bandage while still on the soccer field, the mainstream medical examination diagnosis showed a partial tear of the front lateral collateral ligament on the left upper ankle joint. With the applied classical kinesiology and the Prognos system a conspicuous liver-and gall bladder in the meridians and the triple warmer-and circulation meridians was objectified. The exact homeopathic examination showed salmonella load. Apart from local (lymphatic drainage, electrotherapy, infiltration) and systemic (ear-and body acupuncture, homeopathic "drawing out" therapy, infusion therapy) therapy, magnetic field therapy was applied.

Already after 3 days the follow-up tests with Prognos and applied classical kinesiology showed an obvious improvement of the meridians. The magnetic field resonance therapy had the most effect on the triple warmer-and the circulatory meridian. The localized treatment was fast and without complications, which after only 3 days enabled Frank Baumann to keep to his usual training rhythm with aqua jogging. On the 5th day running training (with bandaged ankle) commenced. After 1-week integration into the ball training of the national league started. In the past two years magnetic field resonance therapy became an important component in the therapy regime of the Nurnberg Football Club, for treatment of injuries and the improvement of regeneration ability. The medical advantages are obvious. Unfortunately there still exist "mystical views" about magnetic field resonance therapy among the medical profession, therefore it is necessary to publish more reports on practical experiences and test data in order to make available the pros and cons of magnetic field resonance therapy to a broader range of the medical profession.

Yours truly,

Dr. Jochen Gruber

E. A., MD, Sports Medicine, Premier League Soccer Club AS Rome, Italy

"For 2 months we have had a QRS at our disposal for test purposes. At first experience we can say that the QRS produces very good therapeutic results, especially by recovering from hard training. Also by tiredness the results are excellent. We have not been able to build an opinion regarding the results of trauma, thanks to God, as we haven't had any injuries during this period of time. We promise that as soon as possible to produce a picture of the effects QRS has on healing injuries. For now we recommend QRS to every exercising sport"

Use of the Quantron Resonance System at the Giro d'Italia

On 05/13/95, the Giro d'Italia started in Perugia (Italy), and 5 teams were equipped with the Quantron Resonance System. During the Italian tour, a QRS consultant had phone contact daily with all 5 teams and visited them regularly at several halting places. The results of the use of QRS were different from team to team and from cyclist to cyclist. These results depended on the consistency of usage. This was due to the fact that not all cyclists had time to use the QRS multiple times a day. Therefore, cyclists who did have time to use the QRS daily had better results.

Mr. Chiappucci* of the Carrera team used the QRS from the start of the tour, and used it 3 -5 times a day. He noticed that he regenerated much faster than he usually did, and that energy flowed into his body each day of the tour. He realized that, due to QRS, he was without influenzas or colds during the whole tour. (Mr. Fondriest* had to give up because of influenza). Mr. Chiappucci was so enthusiastic about his results that he is selling the QRS. QRS has become his companion; he will also use it in the Tour of Catalonia and the Tour de France.

Doctors and masseurs of the Gewiss team experienced improvement by their major cyclist, Mr. Furlan. Mr. Furlan* had a fracture in his fibula muscle, which was resolved by QRS. Masseurs experienced that QRS treatment followed by a massage had a much bigger impact than a massage without a QRS treatment.

Due to a similar muscle problem, the starting of Mr. Ugromow* (Russia) in the next day's race was seriously questioned. Thanks to QRS treatment, Mr. Ugromow was able to join the race of the next day.

Also the Mapei team, of Giro D'Italia winner Tony Rominger*, used the QRS. The well-known sports doctor, Dr. Ferrari Michele*, tested the all-round applications of the QRS daily. Tony Rominger kept himself in optimal shape in the Tour de France with the QRS.

Giro d'Italia: 3-week-event, similar to the Tour de France. Held in Italy, covering over 2000 miles all across Italy. Second largest cycling event, after the Tour de France.

Chiappucci, Claudio: Italian cyclist. Was always in the leading edge, but did not win often. Won Milano - SanRemo and the Tour of the Basque Provinces in 1991.

Fondriest, Maurizio: Italian cyclist. World champion in 1988 and won the Midi Libre, Milano - SanRemo and the Walloon Arrow in 1993. -

Furlan, Giorgio: Italian cyclist. Won the International Criterion and Milano - SanRemo in 1994, the Walloon Arrow and the Tour of Switzerland in 1992.

Rominger, Tony: Swiss cyclist. Won the Giro d'Italia in 1995, the Tour of Spain in 1992, 1993 and 1994, the Tour of Burgos in 1996 and the Tour of Lombardy in 1989 and 1992.

Ugromow, Piotr: Russian cyclist, won nothing of importance, but was always close.

Michele, Ferrari: Well-known sports doctor (Italy), who accompanied many national and international athletes.

"Grundlagen der Quanten-Therapie" (Basics of the Quanten-Therapy) by dr. G. Fisher, 1996


H.B., MD, Family Practitioner, Germany

"Patient 37 years old. Tennis player, problems with Achilles tendon. Different treatments had failed. After 3 weeks with QRS could play tennis again." "Patient had1994 skiing accident left knee ligaments damaged, meniscus removed in surgery April 1995. The patient was restored as good as possible. Skiing and tennis done where possible even though mornings were tough. Pain and stiffness in both knee joints. Mid-June 1995 QRS treatment started. After one week, at least 50% improvement."

C.S., Irvine, CA

"I have been a participant in national level senior tennis tournaments for the last 12 years. As an intense competitor, and while entering menopause, my body was starting to respond with a lot of aches and pains. A stiffer lower back, sore arm/shoulder, sore muscles were all becoming daily delights. After using the QRS for the scheduled time period, I have felt more alert with less pain. It is amazing how such an easy thing can do so much overall. Using the pillow helps a lot to focus on problem areas especially low back. Just standing up in the morning was an adventure, now-no problem at all."

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