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QRS Wellness System Magnetic Therapy
QRS Wellness System Magnetic Therapy
The QRS wellness systems combines with the properties of the quantum resonance therapy and the optimal supply of pure oxygen in the human cell (the blood circulation) to a rapid cell regeneration and performance. The recovered 99 % oxygen is supplied in the QRS Wellness System to the user contact less and aseptic. In the adjustable studio armchair (QRS 702) incorporated QRS fields are also supplied via the QRS 101-system with QRS signals..

QRS Wellness System a highly efficient revitalizing system
The QRS-Wellness-System places a new generation of healthcare devices. The system is conceived for wellness and fitness facilities or for the Medical wellness market. Another application area is the performance sports. The regeneration phase of an athlete after a sporting activity is shortened by the rapid and high recovering of oxygen in the blood circulation and in the cell. At the same time, QRS therapy relief stress in the cells.


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